Saturday, December 31, 2011

My 2011 Thank You List! Happy New Year, Everyone!

They say that we don't need New Year for us to be able to start and end something good or bad. But for me, New Year is the jump off point when I can reassess myself, my blessings and my shortcomings of the past year, so that I can plan ahead and start anew.

God has blessed me with so many wonderful things in 2011. In fact, He has also taught be lessons in life through the hardships that I had to face and resolve. Overall, I believe I am ending 2011 as a stronger, better, and more mature person.

As I look back to the past twelve months, I'd like to highlight some of the things that I am very much thankful for.

  • After celebrating my New Year at the hospital for dengue, I came out on January 3, 2011 alive and very much okay. I thought I was actually dying, because my platelet count dropped to 7,000 (normal is 100,000+).
  • I started my stint as a weekly contributor in Manila Bulletin's TechNews section. Challenging, yet fulfilling.
  • Towards the end of the month, I had my first project at my new team. It was not what I expected, but I sure learned something out of it.
  • The Club started inducting me into the group. We had dinner at B&T Mexican Kitchen - my first Mexican restaurant after a long time. And I liked the food.
  • I was able to review my first smartphone of the year - Nokia E5 - and my first product of the year - Smart C+ drink.
  • A memorable trip to Tagaytay with fellow bloggers for the launch of Alter Space.
  • Got to visit the 18th Philippine Travel Tour Expo 2011 for the first time.
  • I think this is also the month when I first had a voice-over (VO) opportunity at TriNoma Activity Center for the BlackBerry event.
  • Went to Bacolod with Digicon for a fun-filled relaxation and food trip. Thanks to E*dict for allowing me to use his slot.
  • My first time to experience Ace Water Spa.
  • I got the privilege to meet the US Ambassador Harry K. Thomas, Jr. inside the balcony of the US Embassy in Manila.
  • Another first in my life, I attended the CCF FRIENDS' Retreat where I got to know fellow Filipino-Chinese Christians and non-Christians alike, as well as my current Bible Study Group leader, Neil.
  • My first tweetup - Twestival Manila - also happened this month. I'm glad to be part of it, as it was a tweetup for a cause. Got to meet several netizens there for the first time.
  • Got a surprise package from Oishi! Yahoo! I love surprises.
  • A new project has just started. I'm very happy to be with a great set of fun people on my first implementation project.
  • While helping on a another phase of the project, I had my first local trip ever in Cabuyao. That experience was new to me, since we literally didn't sleep the whole night.
  • Several events transpired during the month
  • New events and new brands kept on coming in during this month. I love it, because it opened different opportunities for me.
  • I became the SPOC for SAP Practice's Career Fair, where I led the creation of fliers, booth, and presentations. Glad I did, because the big boss got to know me.
  • Got to try dimsum buffet at Lili Retaurant courtesy of my sister.

  • I was so blessed to have witnessed Hillsong's concert this month. It was 2.5hours worth of standing up, singing songs of praise, and lifting everything to the Lord.
  • Got time-off from work as my sub-team and I went to Ela Nina Resort for our offsite.
  • Thanks to Digicon, we were part of DLSU's 100th Year Celebration. Since the host was caught in traffic, I became the impromptu VO and Host at the same time. It was adrenaline rush for me, but I'm glad people liked the way I handled the crowd.
  • My first international trip abroad that was meant for business, thanks to my Manila Bulletin editor Art Samaniego, Jr. for sending me over for an event. It was a dream come true.
  • Got to attend the Hillsong Music Conference for FREE, thanks to our church board members.
  • The most-awaited cutover happened this month. It was my first, but I'm glad my colleagues were there to help and guide.
  • My first WPPS offsite at Caliraya. Blessed with a great organizing team, I'm glad to have become the master of ceremonies. I was only initially assigned to be a registration person, but God had a greater plan.
  • Finally got to attend my first BlackBerry event as a blogger. 
  • I was also invited to the Nivea for Men event, where I was able to try out 360 Fitness for the first time. It was a great experience for me to be able to try 8 exercises in a few minutes time. Adrenaline rush to the max!
  • A trip to Cebu courtesy of Digicon for work and pleasure. A wonderful sight of Shangri-la Mactan and a tour to the Bridges Salon capped off the wonderful trip.
  • The SAP Practice Offsite at Club Balai Isabel happened this month. Got to be the VO again. I'm glad to be of service.
  • A month of another first, got to join Digicon in a trip to Iloilo for work and pleasure.
  • Spoke to Grade 4 students on my HS alma mater's Dedication Day. Didn't know how I would start and end it, but God was there to guide me.
  • Since I have started doing VO to get extra income, this is the first time I was hired to do it for a government-related event. It was an honor for me to introduce the Vice President of the Philippines, Jejomar Binay.
  • Week by week out of town trips to Davao, Pampanga, and Cagayan De Oro courtesy of Digicon. 
  • The cutover for my Korea project didn't have any issue at all. Praise God!
  • Many years in the making, a-las, my trip to Cebu for HS friends Lizelle and Annie finally pushed through! Thanks to the airfare and hotel sale, we got a great package. I'm also thankful that my friend Ken guided us during our trip there.
  • I have almost forgotten the story of Little Mermaid, but I'm glad to have watched the musical play with good friends at the Meralco Theater.
  • Thanks to my sister's generosity again, we were able to try the food at Xin Tian Di in Crowne Plaza Hotel.
  • Another dream come true, my car has finally arrived this month.
  • Got to enter Republiq for the very first time for the SAP Practice Christmas party. I'm blessed to have been given the opportunity to be the VO.
  • Also equally blessed to be appointed as the VO for the whole HP Christmas Party at SMX. Again, glad to be of service.
  • Marked my 24th birthday, where I had a week-long celebration with different sets of friends.
  • Attended my first and last wedding for 2011, where I got to witness my former manager's exchange of vows.
  • A Christmas worth remembering, because a prayer about family has been answered. It seemed like it was a miracle. Unbelievable.
Wow! Lots of things to be thankful for in the past year. I'm sure I was not able to capture them all, but my heart sure knows I am thankful for all the things, the people, and the experiences I gained in 2011. I would like THANK ALL OF YOU for being part of my blog's 2011 highlights. CHEERS to a new year 2012 ahead!


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Wow! Very productive 2011.. and I'm sure you're looking forward to 2012. Happy New Year Glenn! :) 

P.S. You gave me an idea how to capture the highlights of 2011. :)) Gayahin ko ha? :p

Happy new year, Kath! Surely :)

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