Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy 100th year De La Salle, my alma mater

June 16, 2011 saw the gathering of thousands of Lasallians to celebrate the 100th year of De La Salle. The whole campus and the vicinity of Taft Avenue were painted green as all De La Salle systems come as one to witness a memorable commemoration of what St. John Baptist De La Salle has started a hundred years ago.

My events group Digicon Events Management is so honored to have been commissioned to do several events in line with the celebration. With a straight 18-hours work from Laguna and less than 5 hours of sleep, I went straight to DLSU to help in preparation. It didn't feel like a burden at all.

I know I'm not the only one missing the football field, because it was quite a challenge to pass by Yuchengco lobby and Central Plaza due to the volume of people and the number of booths lined up there. However, the sweat and the tiresome day were all worth it - all for the love of La Salle. Besides, it's not everyday that we celebrate the centennial year of our alma mater, right.

Being part of the Animo Street Party events crew held at Agno, we all partied the night away as several bands performed and a couple of games were played. I instantly became a voice over talent and host of the event during the first part. It has long been since I last hosted events in DLSU, so it was kinda nerve-racking on my part, but thank God, I think I was able to pull it off.

The night was capped with rock songs from Jett Pangan and then followed by a fireworks display that really wow-ed the Lasallian community. Gary Valenciano later on led the singing of the alma mater hymn, which I really miss singing.

It was such an eventful night to be with Lasallians shouting, cheering, celebrating and reminiscing. ANIMO LA SALLE! On to the next 100 years of providing good education and memories.

Were you there?


I'm not surprised you felt the same way bout the football field. It was a great event nevertheless. Here's my entry about it

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