Monday, November 19, 2012

Milo Overload: Cereal Drink with Soya

I was sent with several sachets of Milo Overload several weeks ago. Seeing that it's more than just a normal Milo drink with its "cereal drink with soya" description, it got me very interested.

Without any kissing in the a$$, Milo is one chocolate drink I really love - in fact it's my favorite when at work. It keeps me from losing my focus when I become hungry.

So I decided to give it a try one morning. I partnered it with the good ol' pandesal (bread), since I'm drinking it hot. Not to say that you can't drink it cold, huh!

One sachet of Milo Overload is good for one serving. At roughly Php6.00 per sachet, we get the same hearty and flavorful Milo chocolate milk, but with combined soft cereals and soya powdered milk. 

Simply pouring the contents in a glass, putting in hot water, and mixing it instantly gives a healthy and delicious drink. Since it has bits of cereals, it's more filling than just having the Milo milk. Since it is very easy to prepare, drinking it anytime of the day is so convenient.

Try it for yourself!


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