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How to Make Your Cebu Pacific Air Booking Easier and Faster

Happy 2012, dear readers! Have you made your new year resolutions and plans yet? I bet some of you promised yourself to be a frequent traveler this year, because after all, traveling is so much fun! I myself would love to spend my hard-earned money on gaining new experiences and seeing awesome sites in and out of the country.

There are not much options for us Filipinos when we talk about budget airlines. For me, I'm more used to booking flights using Cebu Pacific Air. About late last year, Cebu Pacific introduced some great additional features to their website to make booking easier and faster.

Here's how you can do so. Just follow all the steps and you're good to go!

Step 1: Registration or Login
If you are not yet a member of Cebu Pacific, all you have to do is simply Register. Otherwise, you can go ahead and Login.

By having a Cebu Pacific account and logging in with your details, you will be able to do the following:
  • View and print your Itinerary Receipt
  • Change or cancel your booking
  • Purchase prepaid baggage
  • Redeem travel fund
  • Avail Travel Insurance
  • Check-in for flight
  • Check flight status
You can of course do this even without an account, but it will take you more steps to locate your booked tickets as compared to if you already have an account.

Step 2: Add Guest List
To make booking faster, I suggest you add your frequent travel buddies in your account's guest list. This will give you the convenience of just selecting their names from the drop down list whenever you book flights.

Simply choose My Guest List from the menu and click on Add Guest Name to be able to fill up the profile of your frequent travel buddy. You can ignore the fields at the bottom and just completely fill in the First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name, as well as Birth Date. Click Save and you're done.

The next time you click on My Guest List, names that you have added will appear. You have the option to Edit profile or Delete it completely.

Step 3: Add Credit Card/s
Another feature that will help us book our flights faster is by linking our credit card/s to our Cebu Pacific account. By doing so, you just need to select the card you want to use whenever you book a flight.

Click on Add Card to be able to enter your Credit Card details. then Save. The next time you visit your cards section, you will see your card list with the details you've entered.

Once you have saved a single credit card, the Billing Address fields (pictured below) will then appear for you to fill up.

Choose My Cards from the menu and you will be redirected to another page, where you can input your Billing Address. This will lessen the duration of your booking, especially if you will be doing multiple bookings, since it will automatically be filled up every time you book.

Step 4: Book a Flight
Once you have done Steps1-3, you're now ready to book your flight in a breeze!

Simply click on Book Now from the menu and you will be asked to search for and select flights just like the usual requirement. When you get to the Guest Details and the Payment pages, all you have to do is select from the list, then *poof* you're done in an instant!

Step 5: Printing IR, Purchasing Bags and Add Ons, Change or Cancel Flights
When you have already book your flights and just want to do some more fixing, having an account makes it convenient. You no longer have to memorize your Confirmation Number and/or Email Address. Simply logon and view your bookings with an ease.

Upon logging in or selecting My Booking from the menu list, you'd see all your Current Bookings (trips not yet past travel date or trips yet to be taken), as well as your Completed Travels (trips that have already passed the travel date or trips that have been completed).

Select View Booking under the Current Bookings sections in order to do transactions such as printing the IR.

By selecting Purchase Bag, you will be asked to select which size would you like to get -- Small (up to 15kg) at Php350, Standard (up to 20kg) at Php500, Medium (up to 25kg) at Php750 or Large (up to 30kg) at Php1,000. Once you have selected the size, just follow the instructions on how to proceed.

Note: The rates stated above are for Regional flights only. Charges for Domestic flights are cheaper. 

If you want to Purchase Add Ons such as Travel Sure Insurance, Cebu Pacific merchandise, check-in sports equipment or support World Wide Fund for Nature, simply tick checkboxes and follow instructions, then you're done. 

Select Change Flights if you want to change the date of your already booked flight. By following instructions, you will be asked to select a different flight, finalize and pay for the difference of the amount of your originally booked flight.

Note: Rerouting can also be done under this option, ergo Current Booking fields are changeable. It only becomes unchangeable if the fares availed are under promo (such as the screenshot above).

Lastly, you can opt to Cancel Flights if necessary. However, take note that you can only cancel flights as a whole (meaning if your flight has 10 people, you may cancel the bookings for the flights of those 10 people). If you just want to cancel individual bookings within a flight, you need to contact Cebu Pacific directly.

Doing a Web Check-In is also possible in Cebu Pacific's website. You may check-in online for your flight 48 hours up to 4 hours before departure time. However, I cannot show you a screenshot at the moment, because I have no upcoming flights as of now. In order to do so, simply Login (Step 1) and click on the Manage Booking link, then choose the Web Check-In tab and start checking in for your flight! Make sure to read the Web Check-In FAQs in order to know the restrictions.

There you have it, folks! I do hope this step by step guide has been helpful to you in one way or another. If it did, I'd like to request you to Share it to your friends via the Share and Tweet buttons above. Cheers to a lot of travels this 2012. Happy travelling!

P.S. Images on this post are screenshots from Cebu Pacific Air's website, which I took and edited. Names, flight numbers, and dates of travels were deleted to protect the identities of those included in the sample.


i want to follow this blog but i cannot see any google friend connect widget. :(

Hi Max! You can click on the RSS icon on the upper right portion (under FOLLOW GLICH). Meanwhile, I've also added the Google Friend Connect widget below. :)

thanks this is helpful indeed. lalo na pag biglang natitimeout ka habang nagfifill up. will sign up.

Glad to help. :) Cheers to more travels in 2012!

glenn, any idea if i can assign previously booked flights to my profile?  tweet me back nlng hehe. thanks for the post! useful. hehe

Hey @jimbo_222 Nope, you can't as of now. Hope @CebuPacificAir adds that.

how can you get the tickets? on the airport on the date of departure? or you can get it in advance?

You can print it at home. Just go to the My Booking > Itinerary Receipt > Print 

I just sign up, but I just can't seem to edit 'MY PROFILE' page. I mean I can edit it, but it won't Submit/Save. I've filled out all the boxes. I think it's the Password/Re-type password box that's giving me a hard time. It won't accept the passwords I enter. I've already followed all the instructions. Please help... Thanks... :)

Hi, Gigi! Quite hard for me to help, since I don't see the screen of what's causing error :)

Oh no...  :( But I really think it's the password. Do I really have to follow all the Password Requirements? Ex: Must include at least one non-alphanumeric character (does that mean: %$#*(_)+_! = Symbols?) coz I tried it too. It still won't accept my password changes. 

And is the password in MY PROFILE page should be different from your main password that we enter when we log in? coz i don't have any trouble with the login password. 


As far as I know, it's the same password as your login password.

I think can be as simple as aaaa11111

But my login password doesn't even have numeric digits. Just one word. So how's that? Oh well, maybe it's not working this time. I'll try my luck tomorrow. Thank you for your time though, Glenn.. =)

To check cebu pacific air ticket more easier now in

website is crap, its down most of the time and you cant contact them unless you hone manila, and there agents over seas are a rip off, their mark up is close to 30%, flights are delayed nearly 50%....just a crap airline

Hi, I hope this is not a sponsored/paid blog. Otherwise, you're putting your reputation at stake by doing it so. :) Cebu Pacific rebooks their customers/client without informing them. We're supposed to stay out of town ( with a toddler) for 3 days, 2 nights. They rebooked us for the next day of our original departure flight. Di sila nag-isip di ba? Ano kami overnight lang?! Tapos, they don't want to give us back our original flight schedule unless unless we allow them to charge us more. I feel like being robbed. :( Ayaw pansinin complaints namin.

i can't redeem my mom's itinerary receipt due to duplicate bookings in their can i redeem the confirmation code or her itinerary receipt in some other way?because it was not also sent to the email address that we have given to them..

You have to call their hotline.

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