Who am I?

Hi! I am Glenn Ong, the author of this blog called Glich's Life. Why "Glich"? First, please do know that Glich is far different from glitch with a T! Glich came from the letters of my two names GLenn and rICHmond. Thanks to Happy Feraren for that. I graduated from De La Salle University in 2008 and has since then started working for a living. Tiresome? Read more of what I do below.

What do I do?

Aside from blogging, I am an IT Professional by day working in one of the biggest IT companies in the world. I do SAP Implementation Analysis, but ack, I don't like much of what I'm doing! Shhh... So to balance everything in my life, I also do Events Management, gets hired as Voice Over talent for videos and events, writes for Manila Bulletin's TechNews section, and of course blogs here at Glich's Life.

What is Glich's Life about?

Pardon the title, but this blog does not only contain the author's life. It basically features all the things I find interesting - may it be about technology, movies, celebrities, events, promos, travels, entertainment, etc. I aim to share it to all of you.
GLICH'S LIFE :: Blogging by Glenn Ong was established back in February 2008 while on a break from doing thesis. It was hosted in Tumblr back then before transferring to Blogger. The former was easy and fun to use, but it came to a point in time when it gave complications on customization and editing; thus the transfer to the latter.

How to connect with me?

How to contact me?

More info?

I love technology, gadgets, travels, shopping, and food. I like blocked letters (signs, standees, etc.). I always want to try something new, as long as it's not harmful or bad. I appreciate receiving personalized stuff. I admire James Bond. I'm an OC person, as I am very keen to details. I'm a jack of many trades.