Friday, June 17, 2011

Congratulations to winners of Listerine pledge and guess the phone contests

Hi readers! How are you all doing? Thank you to all the participants who have joined the Listerine pledge and guess the phone contests. I hope I was able to give you inspiration, excitement and joy in my own little way.

Listerine: My Pledge Contest

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been a very good boy in keeping my promise of a better oral care. However, I'm kinda not doing well in the cutting down of soda part of my pledge, because I've had so many parties and outings recently. I need to drive harder to lessen my soda intake. Help me!

From all the entries I've received, I was able to choose 2 winners - 1 at random via and another as what I deem to be the best entry.

This pledge is a winner for me, as it was full of meat and added factor that it was written in our native language, Filipino. Congratulations, Kany Vic Perez!
Ako ay sumusumpa na pagbibigyan ko ng pansin ang oral care sa lahat ng pagkakataon. Titigilan ko na ang paminsan minsang pagiging tamad ko sa pagsisipilyo. Di na ko mag sesepilyo ng 1 minuto bagkus sisiguraduhin ko na malinis na malinis ang aking mga ngipin. Titigilan ko na rin ang pagkain ng mga tsokolateng ubod ng tamis at minsan ding kinatutulugan ko na rin dahil sa kabusugan. Sa twing ako ay matapos kumain, aking laging ihahanda ang mga dental floss para iwas cavity at tinga sa twing magsasalita. At para naman sa ikababango at mas ikagaganda ng dental health ko, hinding hindi ko kakalimutan ang paggagamit ng mouthwash sa lahat ng oras. Kahit bago pa man matulog at pagkatapos kumain. Siguradong Mas maraming kaibigan na ko makikilala...

And another winner who was chosen by the random generator... congratulations to you, Agnes Dela Cruz! Your pledge is worth sharing as well:
I promise to never go out on a date without my oral care, a good brush and mouthwash. It's a No-No! I don't want to turn-off my date because of that. I will always bring a little bottle of Listerine on my purse for a bonggang-bongga fresh breathe! .. :)

Each winner will receive a Listerine gift pack containing 2 Listerine Total Care bottles, memo pad, and a pen. Please wait for my email on how to claim the prize.

P.S. You see 4 lootbags in the picture, right? That means you have to stay tuned for another contest soon.

What Phone Is This (5 Clues, 5 Winners)

So far, I am very impressed with the mystery phone I am letting you guess. It's really nice and easy to use, plus very bright and crisp in terms of screen and graphics quality. With all the clues I've given out during the second round of guessing, you pretty much know what phone it is already! Good job!

Stay tuned for another round, but first, I would like to congratulate the 5 lucky winners who were chosen in no particular order by out of the hundreds who joined. If your name appears below, you win a convertible USB each:
  1. Kristine Yuri Amon
  2. Ulpiano Edubos II
  3. Florencio Jusay Jr.
  4. Maryjade Anne Manzanero
  5. Dennis Bertumen
Please wait for my email on how to claim your prize.

Congratulations once again to the 7 winners! Do look out for more contests, which are still part of the GLICH'S LIFE Share It, Guess It, Win It giveaway!


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