Thursday, June 2, 2011

Listerine Total Care Challenge Week 2: My pledge for better oral care

Recap from last week, my task was to visit a dentist to have my pre-dental check-up. There I was asking the dentist on how my teeth and gums were. After consultation, I went straight home and started using Listerine Total Care mouthwash.

Admittedly, the challenge is really challenging. After a year of not used to including floss and mouthwash in my daily oral routines, I had to adjust my preparation time and routine efforts in order to really follow through the challenge.

From the day that I've started, I really felt the difference. When I floss after brushing, I still am able to scoop some dirt from in-between teeth, which really means that brushing is not enough. After every mouthwash rinsing, my mouth feels fresher and my teeth feeling more matte on the inside. I'm glad that Listerine Total Care helps reduce plaque buildup that often leads to serious oral problems.

As a sign of my commitment to myself and to all of you that I will continue the change I have started in terms of a better oral care, I will be doing a pledge.
I pledge allegiance to the ideal of total oral health, to dedicate myself to the goals of strengthening my teeth, keeping them white, maintaining healthy gums, killing germs, keeping my breath fresh, and destroying as much plaque by habitually brushing my teeth, flossing it, and using Listerine Total Care twice a day.
I promise to never turn-off my colleagues and friends due to bad breath and to always show them a smile that truly comes from the heart. To couple my pledging of a better oral care, I also vow to change my lifestyle by eliminating the habit of drinking softdrinks or sodas as much as I can. This I promise you, me, and the rest of the world. So help me God.

I know it sounds serious, coz I really am. I'm very eager to maintain a good oral hygiene, because apart from my eyes, I consider my teeth as one of my physical assets. Since they're not "baby teeth" anymore, it would not look good if I lose one or two in front, right?

Contest Time: Win a Listerine Gift Pack

This is the first mini-contest as part of the Glich's Life Share It, Guess It, Win It giveaway. Kindly read the general mechanics there.

All you have to do is to make a pledge for a better oral care. You can submit your entry as a plain text, as a blog post (with pictures and text), as a video of you (can include your friend), as a poster or whatever creative way you can. It need not be complicated and serious as mine.

Only submissions placed in the form below will be counted. You may submit your entries until 11:59PM of June 16, 2011. There will be 2 winners (1 randomly chosen and another with the best entry) who will win a gift pack containing 2 Listerine Total Care bottles, memo pad, and a pen.

Got any questions or clarifications? Hit the comments section below and let me know.


I heard about this, but I was shy to join hehe

Semidoppel - Don't be shy to join. Super easy and simple :)

Rikka - Thanks! Will wait for your entry.

joined this giveaway.. hahaha.. buti nakahabol.. ngccrash kc PC eh.. now lng nacheck uli mga contest.. hihihi.. =) thanks for the ops.. =)

I heard about this, but I was shy to join hehe

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