Monday, September 17, 2012

My account has been compromised, I've changed my passwords

Hi guys! If you're subscribed to the Glich's Life email notifications, please do not click the link about porn, lesbian, etc., which have been delivered to you today. Below is a screenshot of the email my friend forwarded me.

Obviously, my account has been compromised. Certainly, I did not go to any porn site at all, which makes me wonder how and where did it all happen. I'm not saying this to be defensive, but it's the truth.

My Twitter also got automatic tweets about the same contents. Image below c/o @doblezeta. I'm sorry about it. Again, please don't click the links. It's a virus. 

Rest assured I have changed my passwords, which should put a stop to the virus. My apologies. Thanks!


badtrip hackers. my website also got hacked last month. it was a pharma hack naman. puro meds and stuff. changed my site's search engine results. edited the URL names and meta tags. had to search through my wordpress files talaga to delete the hacks. super hassle.

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