Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dream come true

Ever since I was in elementary, my mom would always tell us stories about her friends' children or our relatives who were being sent abroad for short term work assignments. She would tell my sister and I that these people excel in their day-to-day tasks, which is why their companies have the confidence to send them off.

It then got stuck into my mind that when I grow up, I want to be like them. I want my company or the institution that I belong in to send me elsewhere to do whatever they want me to do. Why? Mainly because if I do get sent, I believe that the company believes in my skills and competencies. Is it always the case? I don't know. Nevertheless, that's when one of my dreams was born.

Back when I was in college, I gave up a sponsored trip to Germany with fellow DLSU blockmates without giving much thoughts about the decision. There was actually a personal reason behind it. Part of me regretted it, but a part of me also says I did the right thing.

When I tell my friends about it, many of them say to me: "sayang, it could've been your ticket to an easier Visa application." But I believe God has His plans for me.

Many years passed, I've graduated elementary, high school and college with flying colors. Without much hardship, I landed a job in a matter of three weeks -- already onboarding the company even before I marched for graduation.

God has been good to me. Very. Because of His blessings, I've started to become busy with not only my full time IT work at HP, but also with several other jobs namely: writer for Manila Bulletin, voice over/eventologist for Digicon Events Management and a blogger of Glich's Life.

Exactly a month ago, my dream has finally come true. Thanks to my boss at Manila Bulletin, Art Samaniego, I was commissioned to ride in a plane to fly off to Singapore for a 2-day media event. It felt ecstatic and surreal! I felt nervous and happy at the same time.

Aside from the fact that it was the first time a company is sending me abroad, there were more firsts for me too.

It's the first time to set my foot on NAIA 1. It was not the terminal that actually struck me, but the fact that yes, it's true, I am being sent off and I am about to fly.

So this is how NAIA 1 looks like. I always take Cebu Pacific or PAL, so it's just either NAIA 2 or 3 that I've been to.

As such, it's the first time I've entered the non-Budget Terminal of Singapore. It's very posh!

I've never ridden Singapore Air before. The plane is really huge and spacious. Most of all, they serve decent meals - as in real, full meal.

It's my first time to stay in an actual hotel in Singapore. We just stayed in a small inn the last time I went there, because hotels in a first world country are expensive.

Needless to say, it's my first time to cover a media event for Manila Bulletin. Surrounded by media men who were all senior than me, I felt the pressure to deliver even more.

Although the trip was short, I still managed to shop! Hahaha. It was Singapore sale season, so it was hard to resist! Here are some items that I got for myself.

Striped blazer from New Look
Sgd39 / ~Php1,300

Plaid shirt from New Look
Sgd69 / ~Php2,400

Gray Shoes from New Look
Sgd34.50 / ~Php1,200

White Sneakers from Cotton On
Sgd19.95 / ~Php700

Words cannot express how joyous the experience was. The trip was very short but very sweet. As a first, I'd forever be grateful about it and would remember it for the rest of my life.

Up until today, I can say it isn't an easy ride to juggle several jobs. At times, I have to sacrifice something just to be able to do another thing. Thank God for wisdom on how to do my priority list in life. He moves me, although sometimes I am disobedient.


YEY!!! Looks like you had great fun!

p.s. don't ya just love Cotton On? =D

Mindanaoan - Yes, I did! :) And oh, I love Cotton On!

i'm so proud and happy for you glenn!!! you're a very hardworking guy and you deserve all the blessings that life can give! i believe this is just the first of many travels abroad!! way to go glenn!! *hugS*

Franny - Thanks, Fran! I'm really praying that things will go as God plans it to be :)

i'm so proud and happy for you glenn!!! you're a very hardworking guy and you deserve all the blessings that life can give! i believe this is just the first of many travels abroad!! way to go glenn!! *hugS*

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