Monday, July 11, 2011

Listerine Total Care Challenge Week 6: My Results and Verdict

The past 6 weeks since I started the Listerine Total Care Blogger's Challenge has been one great journey for me. Not only did it give me new learning about oral care, but also ushered me into doing a routine that I've never really consistently followed.

When I entered the challenge, I actually had some hesitations about the whole thing, but eventually joined the dare just the same. I knew that this could be a start of something great for my oral care. I guess I made a great decision after all.

From week 1 to week 5, I've faced several challenges/activities as with my fellow bloggers Calvin, Earth, Phoebe, Edel, Vince and Hannah, as well as celebrity challenger Drew Arellano. The list of dares is as follows:
  1. Do a pre-dental checkup to know the current state of our oral care before entering the challenge
  2. Post a personal pledge for a better oral care, where some of you joined and sent the pledges too
  3. Share a picture with a great smile to highlight that Listerine Total Care helps make teeth whiter
  4. Try to crack or eat as many jawbreakers as I can in one minute in order to know how strong my teeth is
  5. Blog a short story on how far fresh breath took me, where some of you participated and shared your stories as well
For week 6, I've placed all info on the video below, so please do watch it.

Here are my pre- and post-dental checkup results. I placed a star on those that were ranked 2 or 3 during the pre-dental checkup, then became 0 during the post-dental checkup. Amazing, isn't it?

Also, here's a side by side comparison of how my teeth became a bit whiter since I started using Listerine Total Care six weeks ago. That's just six weeks, mind you!

All I can say is that I'm very much happy that my teeth and gums are healthier now. It feels fresher, more matte, and more protected against bleeding gums.

I'm not saying though that my mouth is already perfect. I still need to consistently do the BFR routine and see my dentist for dental cleaning once every six months.

And if you're wondering, NO, I wasn't forced to say that Listerine Total Care really works. I felt the improvements and saw the results straight from the dentist's evaluation, which is why I am definitely sure that the product isn't just the usual mouthwash we see in the market.

My verdict? Of course, Listerine Total Care is a-OK!

Even if the challenge may have come to an end, I'd be continuing the habit that I have become acquainted of, and let's see how far it will bring me even more.

Dare yourself too by starting the BFR - brush, floss, rinse - routine today. Find out more information about Listerine through their Facebook page.


Congratulations on your very first and successful dental care challenge.
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Thanks for this study sharing.
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