Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hong Kong: Butterfly on Morrison Boutique Hotel

It has been a personal tradition for me to visit Hong Kong once every year - month of June usually - for relaxation and an ultimate shopping experience. I consider Hong Kong as my happy place, mainly because I get to eat good food and shop at a lower range of prices as compared to Manila.

Back in 2010, my friend AC and I stayed at the Butterfly on Prat Boutique Hotel and actually got a great deal, since the hotel was relatively new back then. This year, we decided to try another branch of Butterfly - it's called Butterfly on Morrison located in the Causeway Bay area.

The hotel is within a few minutes walk from shopping malls like Times Square, SOGO, World Trade Centre etc, and is only a short taxi ride to Central, and the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. From the MTR leading towards the exit of Times Square, we had to walk and cross streets for about 15 minutes before being able to finally find the hotel.

Upon entrance, we saw a blank space and two elevators going up. The lobby is located at the 3rd floor, where the friendly receptionists were all smiles upon receiving us for check in. There are also two iMac's located at the side for surfing convenience of guests.

Butterfly on Morrison's rooms are created with the inspiration of a modern European style. The furnishings   are all elegant and comfortable, really relaxing to go home to after a full day of shopping and walking. We booked our 3D/2N Standard Room for HKD2,079 (or roughly Php11,000) via We're glad that they gave us an upgrade to a Deluxe Room after nicely requesting for it.

The Deluxe Room's size has ample space for moving around and storing of big luggage. It has a translucent window on one side and a transparent one on the other side, where other buildings can be seen. A table near the entrance is located for the use of laptops and for writing, while bedside tables on both sides are also available.

Matching Butterfly on Morrison's colors and decoration is a small couch on one corner of the room, which is best for relaxing, texting, and surfing with an iPad, etc. An LCD TV is directly across the bed for viewing pleasure, while the DVD player is located underneath the right bed-side table.

While the size of the bathroom isn't too big, it isn't too small either. Access to the bathroom is easy whether coming from any side of the room, thanks to its glass entrance doors on both sides. Butterfly on Morrison has blinds to cover the entire bathroom, as compared to Butterfly on Prat, which only had a translucent yellow tint.

They have provided clean body and hand towels, as well as face and toilet papers for personal use. In addition, they have provided (and refilled everyday) two bottles of water for us to drink at night. As you can see, the sink is quite small, but looks totally cute!

Providing flexibility to us guests, Butterfly on Morrison's shower area has both the rainshower and normal shower options.

We were provided with toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, and bath foam, which we actually didn't use at all. This, however, is best for those traveling light and don't want to bring personal toiletries anymore.

They also provided us with dental kits and shower cap for use at our own convenience.

Apart from the very nice room, what I really liked about Butterfly on Morrison was their staff's conscious effort to inform us about the typhoon conditions. They called us up at night and warned us to stay indoor by 11PM, since typhoon T8 is coming by then. The staff also offered us to check for our flight the next morning by simply calling them up and lent us umbrellas as we walked under the rain.

Overall, I do recommend Butterfly on Morrison for tourists and Hong Kong visitors. The boutique hotel has a great combination of colors, attracting positive vibes and peaceful environment. In addition, they provide an impeccable personal service that really gives comfort and tranquility. It takes some walking before reaching the place, but it's okay since Hong Kong is a place for walking anyway. And again, it's nearby restaurants, shopping malls, taxi and bus stops, which definitely equates to convenience at its best.

Butterfly on Morrison
39 Morrison Hill Road,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3962 8333
Fax: +852 3962 8322
Reservations: +852 3962 8318
Email: [email protected]


Yeah, the butterfly's bathrooms are cute and very compact. Is the butterfly a 3-star or 4-star hotel?

In fairness to your room, it's very spacious by Hong Kong standards. Never slept in a room that big in Hong Kong! :))

Yup, it is indeed spacious. :) I love the colors too - very relaxing.

According to, it's a 4-star hotel :)

Hi there! :) Next time you book with Asiatravel don't forget to use their cash vouchers. :)

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