Sunday, June 19, 2011

Listerine Total Care Challenge Week 4: Jawbreaker Dare

For week 4 of the Listerine Total Care blogger's challenge, we were asked to do the Jawbreaker dare. I went to Greenbelt 5 and bought some of the smaller sized jawbreakers, since the huge ones look deadly! This is how they look like:

Right after buying it, I recorded the video at once. Since I had no chance to make mistakes with this 1-take video, I realized that I kept on saying the same things. Forgive me. I feel like I was fooling myself in this video, because the jawbreakers are really unbreakable! Here's the video, please watch and comment:

Just like jawbreakers, having bad teeth or plenty of tooth decays can really make our daily tasks such as eating painful. That's why from week 1 till today, I've been encouraging all of you to do BFR every time you clean your mouth.

Listerine Total Care not just kills up to 99% of oral bacteria and helps reduces plaque, but also prevents tartar to keep teeth naturally white and strengthens teeth against decay. There's so many benefits that Listerine Total Care can give us. I've revealed 4 of them, so stay tuned for 2 more.

Photo Source: Candy Corner


Rowena - The huge ones are really scary. The small ones are already hard as marbles, what if the huge ones pa? Lol!

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