Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cebu City: From Hair Scare to Hair Care, Thanks to Bridges Salon

Ever felt like you need to have a haircut but just don’t know which style to sport? Or have your hair colored but not sure which shade to show off? These are some of my concerns every time I go to a salon. And all the time, I end up settling for just a safe haircut.

I’ve never had my hair colored. The smell of hair dye and my fear of damaging my hair always stop me from doing it. I also experience hair fall so I need to be extra careful as to what chemical treatments I get. But things have changed when my friends and I went to Cebu and tried BRIDGES SALON.

Shampoo and rinsing station

I first heard of Bridges from my friends who live in Cebu. They said the service is excellent and the rates are more pocket-friendly as compared to Manila's. When I mentioned to them that I am looking for a safe and good colorist, they instantly suggested that I try Bridges if ever I visit Cebu.

Finally, the opportunity to travel to Cebu knocked on my door. I was very excited to visit the wonderful city again and at the same time try the salon my friends rave about.

Where the magic happens

Arriving at Bridges Salon, the minimalist interiors impressed me. It’s very welcoming and pleasant to the eye. It has a homey feel to it and the place is really clean too.

One thing you’ll notice when you visit Bridges is that most, if not all, of their products are from L’Oreal.

That’s because the owner of the salon, Francis Lee, is one of the three appointed L’Oreal Ambassadors to the Philippines.

Francis Lee is a highly recommendable hairstylist. He has extensive background and experience in both hair cutting and styling. Training and practicing since he was 16, Francis has gone a long way from Singapore to London to the Philippines. It proves that he is a stylist who is serious at what he does. This has enabled him to make a name in the industry over the years.

On the day of our visit, we were lucky to chance upon him while he was attending to some of his loyal clients that include models, celebrities and politicians.

During my consultation, Francis explained to me the treatment suited for my hair condition. He also suggested that I trim my hair a bit in order to lessen the hair fall. I easily got convinced by his recommendations and immediately started my treatment. My only request was to have it close to my natural hair color so I wouldn’t be forced to maintain it every month as my hair grows.

Their wide selection of hair colors and solutions are displayed in an open area. The difference of Bridges Salon to many other salons is that they do the color mixing in front of you. This way, you are sure that they really use the product and do not add other chemicals to your hair.

My friends getting their treatments

Francis used L’Oreal INOA one me, the latest hair coloration technology that is oil-based. As such, it’s not too harmful to the hair and scalp. And since it is oil-based, it keeps the natural moisture of the hair to prevent dryness and damage. In addition, INOA is also ammonia-free so my hair is free of the stink other hair colors give.

Francis was hands-on and he supervised the entire process – from consultation, coloring, cleaning to blow drying and styling. He gave and recommended hairstyles for my face shape and suggested treatments and hair care for my hair condition. He also constantly checked up on me and my friends to make sure we had full color coverage. He made sure all residues were washed off after the treatment and he even prepared fruity teas for us. This made me confident that I was in good hands.

I’ve been sporting my new hair color for almost a week now and overall, I’m happy with my treatment. The mixture of, if I am not mistaken, dark gold and copper for my hair appears toned down and close to natural when I am indoors and flashy when the sunlight hits me. It looks and feels so fun! And what’s good about this is I got this treatment and mighty fine service at a reasonable price of Php2,600.

Photo after treatment. From L-R: Sabrina, Pamela, Bridges Owner Francis Lee, and Glenn

Bridges Salon has a wide range of services as well -- from haircuts, styling, grooming, make-up, nail care and a lot more. They are currently located at the 2nd floor of JY Square in Brgy. Lahug. However, they will be moving to a bigger and better location in October to accommodate their growing list of satisfied clients. They have already moved to a better and bigger location. Address is The Gallery, Juan Luna Street, Mabolo. Cab drivers would know where The Gallery is.

So if ever you happen to be in Cebu and are having some hair problems you cannot answer, I suggest you pay Bridges Salon a visit and look for Francis Lee. I am sure he will be more than happy to provide all the help you will need.

Editor's Note: This article was written by Sabrina Dar Santos, a special writer and contributor of Glich's Life. Revisions were done by yours truly prior to posting. You can follow her on Twitter (@mimsicle) - Glenn / Glich


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I hope so too! Paging @cjac to hopefully contribute her food expertise! Ikaw Ace, you want? :)

hello! was the salon before in guadalupe? i was once in a salon which looked like this one (interior) but it closed already when i wanted to go back.... :(

Nice! Pakita ka para makita ko un new hair color mo


Go! :) Till the next time I see you. Hehe

I'm one of Francis Custumer last february,Bridges Salon is a great Salon i've ever known.

Hi!! May i know how long did the over all treatment take? And i would greatly appreciate it if you could post a landline or mobile number of the salon. Thanks!! Great write up btw! 👍🏼

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