Sunday, August 28, 2011

My thoughts on Nivea for Men Multi-Effect 8 products

If you're a guy who has was gifted with nice, flawless skin, well then congratulations. But if you're a guy just like me who has very oily skin, enlarged and clogged pores, and often suffers from acne breakout, it's such a tedious job to always make sure we do preventive maintenance in order to stay good looking. Agree?

I started breaking out when I was in elementary. As a result, I became very conscious with my skin and would go to dermatologists to cure my acne and marks. There were no facial products for men yet at that time, so I had to use the ones that aren't really made for men. I bet you did too!

Thank God for this day and age, companies started to see the importance of manufacturing products that are suitable and targeted for the skin and lifestyle of men. Nivea is one of those who care for the men, especially when they launched Nivea for Men Multi-Effect 8, which comes in Facial Wash and Moisture Gel.


The Nivea for Men Multi-Effect 8 was specially developed for guys with oily skin. It has oil-free complex with active Carnitine, Salicylic Acid and Mineral Magnesium that effectively targets 8 main problems of oily skin while leaving the skin with a clean and refreshed feeling.

These common problems are the following:
  1. Excessive Oiliness
  2. Oily Shine on Face/Skin
  3. Enlarged and Clogged Pores
  4. Dry skin feeling after cleansing
  5. Uneven and impure look
  6. Formation of blackheads
  7. Formation of whiteheads
  8. Acne

Together with Nivea, I believe that being healthy should not only be seen on the skin, but by how we also take care of our body. To signify this principle, I joined several other media people who tried out 360 Fitness Club in Makati for the Circuit Training challenge.

After going through 8 intense exercises, I ended up feeling exhausted, not to mention having sweaty and oily skin. I quickly grabbed the opportunity to try the Multi-Effect 8 Facial Wash and Moisture Gel in order to prove what it claims. True enough, it worked!

Among its initial effects on my skin were the following:
  1. It provided long-lasting control of skin oiliness throughout the night
  2. It definitely removed the oily shine on my face
  3. I felt that it unclogged and tightened my pores
  4. It gave me a refreshing feeling
  5. There's no more dry and taut skin feeling
  6. My face felt smooth
The Facial Wash has beads that gently cleans the skin, removing dirt that causes blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples. As for the Moisture Gel, it did not leave a sticky feeling on my face. In addition, both products have manly scent.

After almost a week of continuous use, the Nivea products seem to suit my skin. It might be for you too, so give it a try. The Facial Wash costs Php139.00 for 100mL and the Moisture Gel costs Php199 for 50mL.

Don't forget to check out the Nivea for Men Philippines Facebook page for updates. They're also running a fun game there!


just want to ask if it is available in mercury drug store?

Hey there! I'm not super sure, but most likely yes - in the bigger branches of Mercury :)

my husband uses nugeno before!! but its very rare to find one now so instead his using neutrogna for men! and it magic! his face looks and feels amazing! 

That's such an amazing experience! Plus I love Nivea products! :)

It actually depends on what works for the person :)

This is the first time and have been using Nivea men multi effect 8 for 2 weeks and acne appears on my face. I'm not sure if this is just an effect when first use. Also, it's like I have hidden small wounds on my face, I can feel it everytime my face gets sweat. I think my skin is sensitive for this product.

is this available in watsons here in the PH? thanks!

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