Tuesday, January 25, 2011

B&T Mexican Kitchen Gives New Impression on Mexican Food

For the record, Mexican food has never been in my top five favorite food choices. It has always been Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Filipino, and American. But my visit to B&T Mexican Kitchen, one of the newest Mexican restaurants in the Metro gave me a totally different impression.

Located at the Ground Floor of the Sekai Building in San Juan, B&T Mexican Kitchen is owned by Mr. Philip Tan and has been open for a few months already. The restaurant is clean-looking, brightly-lit, and mostly made up of colors black, orange, and green. I have read somewhere that the color Orange is appealing to both the eyes and the tummy, so perhaps this is what its effect is supposed to be. Meanwhile, parking is not a problem, since the slots are located right in front of the restaurant.

Thanks to my good friends Richard and Jane for inviting me to have dinner with the Foodie Club.

Since it's been a long time that I have last been into a Mexican deli, I quickly went through B&T's menu and asked the waiter for explanations on their offerings.

Together with fun and laughter on stories were fun and excitement to try out dishes of B&T. Chips with dips (pictured below) came first. The Chips were colored differently representing the colors of Mexico's flag, while the dips were Cheese, Chili Con Carne (mix of beans, sour cream, beef, and cheese) and Salsa.

The three dishes that made me realize Mexican food isn't bad at all were the Fish Tacos, Vegetarian Pizza, and the Shrimp Burrito. Let's look at them one by one.

Fish Taco was something different, since it had fish (d'oh) instead of the usual ground beef and was placed inside a soft-shelled taco rather than the usual hard ones. The fish was not just a normal fillet for me -- it tasted crunchy on the outside, yet very much chewable, fresh, and tasteful on the inside. With the combination of veggies, onions, and cheese atop the taco, this surely left a good impression on me.

Upon seeing the Mexican Vegetarian Pizza, it got me very excited because I really love pizzas that aren't thick and hard (just like what was seen in the movie Eat, Pray, Love). The pizza had black beans, olives, melted cheese, onions, garlic, veggies, and corn -- a unique combination indeed. As my mom is a hardcore vegetarian, I quickly asked if the onions and garlic can be removed, because my mom can't eat those. Luckily, it's allowed, so I'll definitely get another one of this next time.

"This is humongous," I said after seeing the Shrimp Burrito (pictured by Richard). A slice is already big (as pictured above), so what if the whole thing is combined? Wow, value for money! It contains shrimp (d'oh), corn, veggies, beans, and rice wrapped in burrito. Its ingredients gave the balance in taste and was yummy indeed.

Dishes were raining that night, but I can't ingest more of what I had, so it's definitely worth a come back at B&T Mexican Kitchen. Their prices range from Php95 to about Php500, but you'll surely go out with a satisfied tummy. Remember to wash your hands before eating, because it can be a little bit messy. But it's part of the journey of eating Mexican food. Yuuuuuuuuummmm!

Here's more of the food pictures you can also try.

How are Tacos, Burritos, and Fajitas different from each other?

  • Uses crispy fried tortillas, although there are soft-shelled variants
  • Filled with meat, cheese and various vegetables

  • Uses soft tortillas wrapped around the filling
  • Filled with meat, lettuce and tomatoes
  • Often filled with re-fried beans

  • Similar to a burrito, although the tortilla is generally wrapped loosely around the filling
  • Traditionally made with cheaper cuts of meat

B&T (Burritos & Tacos) Mexican Kitchen
G/F Sekai Building (same bldg. as Masuki and Maki Place)
Ortigas Avenue, San Juan, Philippines

Open Mondays to Sundays, 11:30AM to 11:30PM
Telephone Number: 975-1850


Janey!!! Richard was the one who PP'd me about it, hehehehehe. I'll add you up there! :D

This was my first entry on B&T:


YUMMY and GIGANTIC burritos!!!

And then I discovered Chicken Mole!


Intersetingly delish! :-)

Chicken Mole was just okay for me. :) But its mix is interesting!

Engeeeeeee...Gawd, I miss tex-mex food.

Bea, long time no see! Super! If you were there that night, whew, busog!

Nice Pictures of Mexican Food I would have to stop by one of those days and try it. Yummy

And then I discovered Chicken Mole!


Intersetingly delish! :-)

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