Saturday, February 26, 2011

Change Our Ways, Improve the Environment via Alter Space

In this fast-changing world, nothing is certain except for our discipline and commitment to do and change things. We live, we laugh, we experience, but many times we have been so careless in taking the right stewardship of what has been entrusted to us by the One above.

Until one day, we decide to take on that leap of faith to start a change we want to see in this world. Change, yes, change. We have been dreaming of a better Philippines, a better environment, but have we actually done something to start it? It's really simple. With discipline and commitment, we can start the change within us.

Let's take for example the Carbon Footprints (CF). This covers everything we do (from using the air conditioner even when it's cold, washing dishes too often, using excess number of papers, etcetera). The higher our CF, the more hazardous our atmosphere and environment become. It's not a single effort to lessen this; in fact, it is a conscious, cumulative effort. We can lessen this by using renewable energy.

Here are 5 points we must do to make an impact in this world:
  1. Change the Habits. Our habits speak a lot about us and how we take care of the environment. In as much as we want to create a better environment, we should learn how to change our bad habits and make an improvement that will definitely help the environment.
  2. Be Willing. When we choose to deviate from the usual "standards" of people, our willingness to sacrifice things most probably be tested. This is so we can validate our stand and be sure that the change we want to see has our firm commitment on it. At times, we should also be willing to spend a little more to opt for a more environmental friendly choice.
  3. Finish the Race. Changes do not come in a snap of a finger nor slept overnight. For us to create an impact, we should be patient in finishing the race we have started. It's not easy, I know. But the discipline and commitment will push us and pull us through in the end. It will be worthwhile, believe me.
  4. Learn and Share. Do not be complacent when you have already gotten the facts. Learning is an unending process. Continue reading and listening. But do not stop there. Spread the word and be an evangelist to a good environmental change.
  5. Walk the Talk. Writing and talking aren't concrete steps on making changes in this world. Contribute to the change and be a good example to other people. If people see you as a weird person, do not stop. Show them the determination and passion, and don't forget to remind them of your advocacy.
In this light, AboitizPower -- one of the leading companies that promotes renewable energy -- has created the first ever environmentally themed application developed by Filipinos called Alter Space. Accessed via Facebook, Alter Space aims to create and increase awareness on the effects of too much CFs. When you play and incur a high number of CFs in the game, you will experience "disasters" that we can possibly encounter in real life.

They chose Facebook for the fact that it is accessed by millions of Filipinos and billions around the world. Not only that, it is an awesome medium for information dissemination. To add, we are knowledgeable that young users use the computer everyday. With Alter Space on Facebook, children and yuppies alike can enjoy playing and at the same time learn something new.

AboitizPower and I encourage all of you to play Alter Space by visiting Let's join popular cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao and Azkals' Anton Del Rosario to promote a better mindset in improving our environment. With Alter Space, we can altogether learn, promote Philippine culture, and at the same time touch the young generation to create the change that starts within us.


You're right. The road to being environment-friendly doesn't happen overnight. It's a long process but oh-so worth it. :)

Everything doesn't change overnite.We need to implement good Eco-friendly habits but people does not do so.Lets hope for the better green earth.

Its not possible to change the whole environment by one or two persons. Every one should have awareness about that to make the earth clean and tidy. All of us should co-operate in that..

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