Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fish and Chips from Chicken Charlie

I have blogged about Chicken Charlie several months back and have noted in my tweets that I like their chicken more than Bon Chon's. Seriously!

Last week, I went back to Chicken Charlie in San Juan after a long day at work. I was craving for their grease-less, deep fried, tasty fried chicken, which is somehow my comfort food. In my mind, all I was thinking were wings and drumsticks.  

But voila, they now offer Fish and Chips. So what did I do? I got myself a box of chicken and an order of the Fish and Chips. For Php125, I got myself five (5) fish strips and fries plus a cup of red iced tea. An order would be served in one cylindrical container.

I'm glad that my house isn't too far from Chicken Charlie, so I was able to eat the fries without the saggy texture. After eating one piece to another, I found myself loving the fries. I liked it because the texture was just right, without overly being crunchy and not being saggy at all. As well, it was very much tasty on its own even without the ketchup or honey mustard dip. The amount of salt was just right too. Definitely a far cry from the usual fries the fast food chains sell.

Onto the star of the Fish and Chips - the Fish Strips! I find it more than the average, but a bit short of making me crazily looking for it. Yes, the fish strips were crunchy and not oily, but I needed to pair it with the honey mustard dip in order to fully appreciate each piece. I'm not so sure if it's really how it's supposed to be eaten (maybe yes?). But mind you, upon dipping the fish strips, the taste transforms and becomes very palatable.

Here's a picture of Chicken Charlie's delectable fried chicken. You'd be able to taste the flavor inside and out, plus the meat is tender and juicy. I wasn't able to finish all those, so I was able to bring three more pieces to office the next day. Winner!

If you're craving for chicken, go to your nearest Chicken Charlie! This is their current price list for Wings, Drumsticks, Combo, Sides, etc.

Apart from the usual wings and drumstick combo, Chicken Charlie now offers meals with a minimum of 1 piece drumstick, rice, and iced tea for Php83.00. Wahoo!

As of the moment, they have branches at the following locations (click the link for more details):

********** Good News **********
Chicken Charlie will soon open in Binondo and Fort areas, so be a fan of their Facebook Page to be updated. 


I always have dinner in Banawe area. But we haven't tries in Chicken Charlie. Maybe bcoz we just not too convinced that they're good. Thanks for sharing this. Will go there na this Friday. Haha! Cheers!

Really? How come you're not convinced? I loved it ever since I tried it. So when I tasted Bon Chon, got turned off that the taste is only on the skin. Chicken Charlie is more affordable too.
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I've always wanted to try Chicken Charlie but somehow end up in BonChon - as it seems situated in more accessible locations. But with Fish and Chips in their menu, this probably means that a visit in the near future is inevitable. :)

Agree on your point with the location. I guess that's why BonChon has more expensive pricing
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aww, I should try this sooon! ^^ thanks for sharing!

Welcome. Let me know what you think.

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Kagutom! Thanks for sharing this, I'll try it for sure. 

Let me know what you think :)
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Wow, that fsh and chips look yummy! I would give this a try on my next trip to Chicken Charlie in Davao... If you have a sec, I'd love for you to read my blog on my dining experience there, too. You can find it here:

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