Monday, March 19, 2012

Chicken Lovin' at Big Daddy's Chicken

I was scrolling over my camera's stored photos of last year and was shocked that I haven't written about one of my favorite chicken stalls, Big Daddy's Chicken.

This huge piece of crispy chicken is cooked, chopped, and flavored for only Php85.00. With just a single order, I can easily forget about getting a full meal. I love it's crunchiness and it's taste, which instantly gives me a happy tummy.

Enjoyed by both adults and kids, Big Daddy's Chicken chops are crispy on the outside and yet not dry on the inside. It isn't fully boneless, but the the bones are just minor so I still get my money's worth. According to them, they flavor each piece of chicken with all-natural aromatic spices, then soak it in a special sauce before frying. This is why their chicken chops are really flavorful.

Upon order, the chicken is served fresh from the pan. Once chopped, it was placed in a white paper container. It felt really hot, so I suggest you get a napkin to hold it in between your hands as you make tusok-tusok the chicken chops.

My favorite flavors are Lemon and Plum, but there are several others you can choose from - Original, Chili, Nori, and Wasabi Spice -- all of these have no artificial flavoring or preservatives and are brought in straight from Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Even with a small store, Big Daddy's Chicken has a lot to offer. Just look at the menu and choose what best suits you and your appetite.

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Big Daddy's Chicken
G/F Entertainment Hall (across Gong Cha)
SM Mall of Asia

Big Daddy's Chicken
G/F Food Court, Theater Mall
Greenhills Shopping Center

Big Daddy's Chicken
Soon to open in Lucky Chinatown Mall


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