Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Entrust the Painless Wisdom Teeth Extraction to Dr. Dominic Sevilla

"Ouch! Aray! Juskopo! Ayaw ko na!" -- these are words I never had to say before, during, and after I had two normal teeth and two wisdom teeth extraction, all in one session. Thanks to Dr. Dominic Lemuel Sevilla, DDM, I was able to put my fear of surgery and blood into the shelf.

It has been more than two years since the first time a dentist told me I needed to have my wisdom teeth extracted. Due to fear and agony, I ignored her and never went to a dentist to consult about it. Not until January of this year when my friend Sabrina recommended Dr. Dominic Sevilla, a general dentistry and oral surgery expert. The only reason why I'm sold after Sabrina's recommendation? She said it was absolutely painless! Not to mention, Dr. Dominic was very nice and caring even after the operation - only proves that he's just not after the money, but the well-being of his patient. 

So one Friday afternoon, I went to his clinic at Medical Plaza, Makati (just behind Makati Med) for consultation. Initially, he asked me to get a panoramic x-ray on a different floor where I paid Php1,000. Right after I got the results, he gave me his thoughts and even assured me that the operation will only take a short while. After much questioning and answering, I immediately said 'yes' for an appointment the following Saturday, just in time for the long weekend. 

Come Saturday, I was taken inside the dentist's operating room at around 9:45AM. I lied down and was given a massager on my hand, so I can distract myself when I feel uncomfortable at any time during the operation. 

The procedure started by them applying topical anesthesia in my mouth, followed by the injection of local anesthesia to completely numb my entire mouth. They covered my whole face leaving only my mouth uncovered, so I won't see anything. 

While other dentists simply pull the teeth out of the mouth, Dr. Dominic Sevilla uses several tools to gently extract the wisdom teeth. After roughly about 45 minutes to an hour, four of my teeth have completely been extracted and my gums already stitched. I brought a cheque and paid Php19,500 for everything (discounted from Php21,500). It was indeed a sigh of relief. Thank God I found an outstanding dentist.

Dr. Sevilla was really approachable even after hours and days of my operation. He always answers my inquiries, especially on how to do post-operation mouth care. Overall, I was very happy that I did the extraction in the right time and with the right dentist.

I'm blogging this because I wanted to share with you all the great experience I had. Here are some answers to questions you might have:
  1. How much does he charge?
    • Dr. Dominic Sevilla specializes in wisdom teeth extraction among many others. He charges Php6,000-Php15,000 per tooth, depending on the degree of difficulty or severity of the case. The price really varies on a case to case basis, so it's best to visit him in his clinic for consultation.
  2. Does Dr. Sevilla have other anesthesia apart from local?
    • Local anesthesia is the default type of numbing agent they use. However, for those who really want to get general anesthesia instead, you can talk to Dr. Sevilla and arrange for that. It's a bit more expensive though. In my opinion, you don't need general anesthesia if your case is just normal.  
  3. Does he accept health cards?
    • Yes. As of writing, he accepts PhilCare, MaxiCare, IntelliCare, ValueCare, as well as other HMOs. Again, it's best if you can visit his clinic and ask more details about it. In my case, I used PhilCare and got a discount of Php2,000.
  4. What other services does he offer?
    • Apart from wisdom teeth extraction, Dr. Sevilla also does Root Canal (approximately Php5,000-Php8,000 depending on case), normal tooth extraction (approximately Php1,000/tooth), Fillings (approximately Php600-Php1,000/tooth), Cleaning/Prophylaxis (approximately Php600-Php1,000/tooth), etc.
  5. Where can I visit him?
    • Dr. Dominic Sevilla holds clinic at Room 2003 Medical Plaza, Amorsolo corner Dela Rosa Streets, Makati City. Landmarks include Figaro, BPI, and BDO. Parking is along the streets. He is open Monday to Saturday, 9AM-6PM, but do call for an appointment.
  6. What is his contact numbers?
    • +632 6216718, +632 5836070, +63 917 8258825, +63 922 8503099
Trust me, if you're planning to have a teeth extraction, I really recommend Dr. Dominic Sevilla. He's a dental genius! For more information, you can visit his website at http://www.dominicsevilladmd.com/.


Cleaning/Prophylaxis (approximately Php600-Php1,000/tooth) - really? I think it's the whole package :)

Is it painful after the anesthesia's wears off?

Thank you for having a review of Dr. Sevilla's services. I am hoping to also try his services too. I have four wisdom tooth which was removed by http://dentalworld.com.ph/ which was painless too.

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