Monday, August 20, 2012

My Red Hot Sale Finds from Robinsons Galleria

I have a confession - I'm a sucker for sales and bargain finds, because I want to get the most out of my money's worth... especially 'coz it's hard earned! Ya know! So when I heard about various Robinsons malls having their annual Red Hot Sale this August 10-31, I made it a point to visit some stores after attending church service at Victory Ortigas. 

Red Hot Sale is everywhere. Look, lots of "Sale" and discount signs!
Shopping it is! Here's me sharing some of my red hot sale finds from stores that I really like at Robinsons Galleria. I went to Bass, Beabi, ResToeRun, Sarabia Optical, and Tenkie Box.

First on my list was Bass, since I'm in dire need of finding a perfect pair of black and brown shoes for office. I know this store is known for carrying good quality shoes, and I'm glad they're on sale!

These three rows of men's shoes were the highlights of the Bass store. For the Robinsons Red Hot Sale, they're offering a Bass sub-brand called Io Sene Io (read as ayo-sene-yo). It's very sturdy and looks very elegant!

If only I had enough money to buy these four pairs, I would! The price of each pair has been lowered from Php4,250 to Php2,337.50 - that's 45% off on each pair! Wowowee!

The staff at Beabi was so perky, she hurriedly entertained me as I stepped my foot into the store. Of course, my question was "which ones are on sale?" and she immediately pointed out the bag organizers.

I absolutely love the bottles and containers at Beabi, because they're very useful for a traveler like me. Plus, it's a lot cheaper as compared to that brand that came from Japan. Though the containers weren't on sale (hello, we need to let them earn too, right?!), those colorful bag organizers will surely be loved by ladies! Imagine, the extra small bag organizer is only Php99 down from Php169. What a steal! 

Not to fret, I still have something for me. This multi-functional office organizer has five pockets - four in front and one at the back. What I like about this is that it has a velcro at the back of each pocket, therefore allowing me to swap the pockets to whichever look I want.

And as if not inexpensive enough, the price of the office organizer is now only Php297 from Php495 - that's 40% off on an item that I can truly use for office.

Third on my list is ResToeRun. I like this store, because it's a one stop shop for various brands of shoes - be it leather, sandals or sneakers. That means I don't have to jump from one store to another just to find a good pair of shoes.

Upon entrance, I immediately saw a bunch of shoes lined up, which are all on sale. Brands I saw include Tretorn, Box Fresh, Ellesse and Kickers.

At one side, I also saw this Fitflops sandals, which is priced at Php1,845 from previously Php2,770. Honestly, I have always thought the brand is just for women. The saleslady encouraged me to try it since this specific pair is for men. Oooooh! What a comfort wearing it! I was at the edge of putting out my wallet to buy one, but sadly no more of my size. Well, I can't blame them. I'm a size 11. Huge!

Then my eyes caught this pair of Kickers shoes at only Php1,970 from Php3,790. Though greatly priced, I was looking for a darker brown color as that one from Bass. I wish they come up with one next time. Do you like this pair as well?

Look, a bonus from ResToeRun! They give out free coupons with dates from August to September. It's like a calender of freebies  featuring a different brand and/or category every single day. Good times for the shoe lovers out there.

I recently had my eyeglasses made by Sarabia Optical in Greenbelt and I loved it. I decided to check their store in Robinsons Galleria coz maybe, just maybe, I could finally get a pair of expensive sunglasses.

Some branded shades were at 10%-15% off, while some eyeglasses were with higher discounts. That big red "Sale" sign surely got my attention. After skimming through the shades collection, the saleslady pointed Tom Ford shades to me.

I checked the price. It was a screaming Php16,550!!! But thanks to the Red Hot Sale, it's down to Php13,200. But... as you all know, I still can't afford it. Knowing that Tom Ford is worn by Hollywood stars such as Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and James Bond, I decided to still try it on to have an experience of a luxurious life of such stars. It looks good on me, huh?

On the other hand, thinking of getting a second pair of eyeglasses, this pair of United Colors of Benetton caught my attention. I was looking for a wayfarer style of eyeglasses, so I can interchange it with my smart-ass and kinda sporty current Mossimo pair. With 20% off, this UCB is down to Php5,188 from Php6.485. Not bad!

Lastly, I visited the Tenkie Box stall that sells the popular gadget case Otterbox. I was hoping that they'd be giving discounts on the Samsung Galaxy S3 case for my phone, but I wasn't successful on that. Nevertheless, I wanna share these great finds for other shoppers out there.

Colorful Otterbox Commuter cases for iPhone4 is now only Php1,700 from Php2,150. They have colors black, purple, blue, red, and pink! Choose whatever suits your style.

And for those who own a Samsung Galaxy Tab, a Dell Streak, and a BlackBerry Playbook tablet, here's for you. Available in the Defender series, these strong protectors' prices have been lowered down from Php3,900 to Php2,700.

So there you have it, folks. After hours of going around and trying out stuff for me, I found my happiness in shopping. Thank God and of course Robinsons for such sale events like the Red Hot Sale.

If you're looking for some stuff for you, do drop by the Robinsons mall nearest you and enjoy up to 70% discount on selected items. The sale is nationwide, so whether you're in Manila, Pampanga, Cavite, Laguna, Tacloban, Palawan, Bacolod and other cities, you'll surely find a Robinsons mall within the vicinity.

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