Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Penshoppe Love

What a coincidence that several of my friends were telling me how they love Penshoppe. One would often say, "Okay ang mga damit ng Penshoppe ah. Very stylish." Another one would exclaim, "True that! In fact, stylish na nga, mura pa."

I couldn't agree more, because my current favorite brand of jeans is... Penshoppe! They call it carrot-shaped jeans. Both its fit and length are awesomely just right for me. 

And now, another coincidence. I've been buying shoes here and there, both expensive and non-expensive, whenever I see one around that suits my taste. Voila! I was surprised with a package from Penshoppe last week. 

Excitedly opening the package saw a box of new shoes for me! Hurray! It's a mid-to-high cut sneakers with a light gray canvass plaid design.  

It's actually just a simple design with a blue innersole. The material is actually thick, but the shoes still feels light when worn. 

What I like about the shoes, which I often look at in any shoes, is that the stitches are cleanly stitched and the adhesive material used to put the canvass and the sole together are neatly done. 

Another thing I like about the shoes is its shoe lace. They're thick and very durable. Since it's quite long, I plan to remove it and change the crisscross pattern to something else. That way, I will be able to utilize its length and at the same time be able to add design.

The shoes is available at Penshoppe stores for Php1,299.00. It comes in a box and includes a free Penshoppe shoe bag.

Thanks again, Penshoppe! Don't forget to 'Like' the Penshoppe Facebook Page.


I agree with you Kuya Glenn! :) Level up talaga ang Penshoppe ngayon with their clothes and shoes, I too own a pair and am planning to buy more. :) I've been eyeing their blazers too! :)

nakupas naman yung blue sa loob kakainis pagnabasa................

I love it their designs have evolved :D

Okay lang yan, nasa loob naman. How often do you wear and wash it ba?

i like that shoe ! but i already have my own :)

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