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Blogging Makes or Breaks You

Blogging has gained so much popularity in the recent years, because of the opportunities it gives to authors and online writers. However, a blogger should realize that it is not just about the writing, the attending of events, and the earning of money. Blogging can make or break you.

Admittedly, one of the best things of being a blogger and attending media events is meeting new people and gaining new experiences. It is when you can get out of your personal shell and tell your life story to people in a setting that is outside the realm of the Internet. Sometimes it’s fun, but at times, it can be very shady.

I have heard and learned of both positive and negative stories from several trusted bloggers and public relation officers whom I have met personally. Let’s start with the positive ones.

While blogging may not be a professional job one intends it to be, writing well-thought, helpful articles and making your name known online can get you a real corporate job sooner or later. I have heard of some people who have landed a job, because of how they deal with people in live events and how they present themselves appropriately through their writing.

Meanwhile, some bloggers choose to not go into corporate work and remain as freelance writers. But because of their work’s quality and brilliant pitches to companies interested in digital campaigns, they eventually made a name for themselves and in fact were able to build their own companies to specialize on such services.

Once you build a name for yourself for blogging things that are credible and trust-worthy, companies will eventually provide you with free items even without you asking for it. But this should not be a reason at all for you to become boastful. This is just one of the perks.

Moving to the more controversial part, these are the “malpractices” bloggers usually do that really breaks them.

There are a number of bloggers who show inappropriate behaviors in and out of events. A few I can name are the following: (1) coming to the events very late, almost end of the program; (2) getting lootbags and freebies then leave pronto; (3) sending representatives without prior permission and approval; (4) simply copying and pasting the whole press release on their blogs; or worse, (5) stealing products from the event and getting caught on CCTV.

These kinds of bloggers eventually lose credibility and trust from fellow bloggers and PR agencies. What’s left for them, then? – a bad name and reputation. And this goes a long way affecting the image of all other bloggers.

As such, it is exactly why some traditional media men do not respect bloggers in general anymore. It is because of these select “bloggers” who show disrespect to themselves and to the people around them.

Are we just going to wait until the blogosphere totally loses the trust of people?

If you’re a blogger, examine and assess yourself. Is your blogging making you or breaking you?

This article is my 35th contribution to Manila Bulletin -- one of the Philippines' leading broadsheets -- published on October 3, 2011 (Monday) in the TechNews Section. You can view the PDF version here.

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Stealing is really really the all-time low. Over! Dapat sa ganyan ma-expose at ipakulong.

Stealing? wow... i hope it's not somebody that i know. guilty ako sa coming at events ng late well maybe rin because i've been burned by a lot of events that started late. pero if ever na magiging super-late ako, i would just inform the pr and ask them if may maabutan pa ba ako or wala. oops... speaking of late. i think i will be late again for an event. gotta go! hehe... pero sama nung nagnanakaw ha sana hindi totoong blogger yun. 

I also do the same if I know I'll be late. :) Ok lang at times, but not always. See you around, Calvs! I hope you're doing well at work.

Yikes. You had me at stealing. Sadly you're right. Sometimes bloggers are associated with the malpractices but for the majority it's our responsibility to prove otherwise. I for one blog because I love to, not for the money nor for anything in return. I believe everything else that follows (widening your network, getting credited and such are just the icing on the cake). I agree with Animetric, dapat yata i-expose those who commit malpractices para madala? 

Hey Jackie! Nice to see you in my blog. 

Let it be a self-realization for all bloggers instead of naming names. 

uhuh.. it's a very timely reminder for someone like me who is just starting to be a blogger. Thank you for the insights. :)

thanks for posting. i'm just troubled on the "stealing part". sad. i'm a newbie blogger.

Thanks for posting. i'm just troubled on d "stealing part". di yta nwwala yan kht saan. Sad. I'm a newbie blogger.

Nice article.. Before, I used blog as a journal and to earn money from paid posts, but when i saw my stats and found out readers are visiting my site to get insights/info, I started publishing more meaningful posts. Blog events are nice to attend and I know the perks are overwhelming, but I always think that I am there for a reason, and I represent not just myself but also the affiliations/company I am associated with. But this article made me re-examine myself. Thank you. :)

People I know think that blogging is all fun. It is, but it comes with great responsibility especially it exposes you to alot of people and your content would stay in the cyberspace forever (unless you delete the blog).

I rarely attend events 1-2 per month tops, sometimes no event at all.I only attend to those events that really interest me.

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Great to read your thoughts on this Glenn. :)

interesting. i guess blogging sometimes is good for me at other times it becomes my self-destruct button especially when im extremely pissed by someone without even a  justifiable cause as to why they do that to me. also i noticed that blogging has become too political for me, or more like people operating in politicking that i become a victim myself. some have even formed cliques and all that, when one member dislikes you they gang up on you or something like that. back in 1997 everyone was so eager to help everybody, but seldom meet them. im guilty of copying and pasting the press releases because i figured i may not put them in details as the company would want it.

 i wonder if i also got caught on cctv lol. 

nice post :)

The stealing part is really a sad one. Blogger or not, I guess it all boils down to a person's sense of right and wrong.

You are very right! It comes with a great responsibility that we should always remember to be accountable for.

Even if you delete the blog, there will always be remnants of it. It gets cached, archived, etc.

Great to see you here!

Hey, Peachy. Haha, I seldom attend events too. Either I don't get invited or I have no time coz of my work.

Thanks for dropping by too.

Ms Janette! Glad to see your first comment here. I hope bloggers will always be reminded of these things

Just WOW on a negative aspect. Haha

I hope you don't copy and paste the whole press release. :) as bloggers, the task includes understanding the product/event/material and trying to write it in our own words. Otherwise, blogging is useless.
Thanks for dropping by.

...and a person's upbringing, breeding, and most importantly values

stealing? that happened? wow.. that's so sad :(

Bloggers actually steal products from events? Good lord!

Hi Glen,
Thanks for this post.  It was indeed a head's up to everyone.
I am a newbie blogger.  I have been blogging not to be paid.  Just for fun ^_^
I am really troubled on the "Stealing part".  Sad hindi nawawala yan kahit saan aspeto. 
So recently on my blog posts (especially the photos) I make sure I have signatures on it.

All correct Glenn...and add to the list = stealing photos from other bloggers's posts! :) quite rampant

Oh yeah! I forgot to include that. But generally, stealing is not the right thing to do.

Hi Glenn! Now, that should make us think thrice in how we represent ourselves to the blogging community.. :) Thanks! :)

I can consider myself somewhat new in blogging. Fortunately though, the hobby isn't breaking me, but have instead been helping me improve in different aspects -- socializing, writing, photography, etc. Thanks for this post though. It's definitely helpful for all bloggers, serving as a reminder to be professional (even if being a blogger is not really a profession) and ethical.. :)

Just like you, I'm glad that blogging has helped me gain new connections, improved my writing and photography skills, and enhanced my socializing skills as well. I agree with what you have written :)

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