Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This Is Why I Trust Listerine Mouthwash

After my very successful Listerine six-weeks challenge last July 2011, I have never stopped using it daily ever since. I'm a firm believer that the product REALLY works. Seriously. Just look at the results of my pre- and post-dental check up.

Here's an analogy. When backing up the files of my computer, of course I always choose to do it 100% complete rather than just stopping when it reaches 50%. Same as when I'm cleaning my room or washing the car, I make sure I clean it in its entirety.

Similarly, I make it a point to keep my mouth 100% clean (as compared to brushing alone) by using Listerine mouthwash after brushing teeth. You see, brushing alone doesn't complete the job. There are germs and bacteria left in the mouth. These could later on cause tooth decay, bleeding gums, and bad breath. And I don't want that! I'm glad there's Listerine, which kills 99.9% of germs left behind by brushing.

I'm sure you'd also want to keep your mouth completely clean. Below are the different variants of Listerine mouthwash that you can choose from depending on what flavor you want.

I highly recommend Listerine Total Care. It's the most complete and advanced Listerine there is, plus it really tastes good! 

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