Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Have A Merry Christmas with Mister Donut Merrygalos

Of all the holidays in a year, my favorite would be the Christmas season. Okay, I know many people also dislike it because the roads can get so cramped up, but hey, there are more positive things to say about it than the negatives.

I bet most of you love it too, because it's the time of the year when most us can have an excuse for binge eating, it's a season for gift-giving, and it's when we have reunions and parties to catch up with families and friends.

Admittedly, this season can get very busy. We all try to catch up with quotas and year-end reports at work, jump from one gathering to another, buy presents for loved ones, etc. - but what I like about us Filipinos is that we know how to still go out of our way to be extra thoughtful.

This is why I am glad to have met the people from Mister Donut who have bagged on this very nice trait of Filipinos and focus on how we can use their products to share the smile in every bite of their donuts. They call it Merrygalos - may smile sa bawat kagat, may regalo para sa lahat (there's smile in every bite, a gift for everyone).

As special as what we are celebrating for this holiday season, Mister Donut is also launching something special this November 19 (Saturday) in over 1,000 stores nationwide. What is it? Our well-loved donuts contained in the form of shaped tin cans and Christmas boxes, which are ready to be given as gifts! Yahooo! 

There are two designs for the tin cans - a Candy Cane with 7 Belgian Bites (Php150) and a Christmas Tree with 9 Belgian Bites (Php170). This special Christmas edition products are not just delicious, but are really affordable. You can actually give it straight to your friend right after buying it from the store. Just don't forget to put a card or a small note for your loved one, so it can be extra special for them.

I love the Belgian Bites, because it melts in my mouth! It's basically a rich donut covered with chocolates and filled with chocolates. Why don't we spread a chocolate-y Christmas to our friends and families? We'll love it even more, because it's just the right amount of sugar and sweetness - something Mister Donut has mastered as compared to other brands.

On the other hand, pictured above are the new Merry Bavarian Frost dressed up in time for this special celebration. Packaged beautifully in a colorful box with a ready-to-write on message space, each box contains 9 Junior Bavarian Donuts (Php99) topped with Chocolate, Strawberry, Caramel and Coffee Frost in festive Christmas designs.

Note that you can personalize each tin can or box with your favorite donuts flavors. For example, you can have an all Strawberry- and all Coffee-flavored box. Or you can also get the regular-sized Bavarian donuts with a fewer pieces in a box. 

Mister Donut items are not just delicious. They also symbolize fun and creativity. As such, I took time to create a simple center table decoration, which might give you an idea of how to present donuts in another way apart from just tin cans and boxes. This is one way you can prepare them during house parties.

Another simple way you can present the donuts as party food items can be this, pictured above. All I did was to top each Belgian Bites and Bavarian donuts on each other and plate them beautifully with small, colorful stones. When having a party at night, you can simple add candles around and it will create whole new look.

And of course, thanks to the Candy Cane tin can design, we can just simply put out the Belgian Bites from the can and put them on small plates, then use the can itself as Christmas decoration. Simple as that. It's very colorful and sturdy. How cool, right? For a small amount, you already have something to eat, which can also double as a decor. 

Since Mister Donut's Merrygalos aims to spread smile in each bite of the donuts, I brought them to the office to share with my teammates. Boy they were so happy with the colors and the taste! Pictured above are Anna, Jin, and Ted having their take on the Belgian Bites.

Meanwhile, here are Kathy, Apollo, and Rich munching on the Belgian Bites while chit-chatting. See, simple donuts like this can bring people together in small gatherings, and at the same time give smile to their faces and tummies.

Quoting some of them:
  • Apollo said, "Ang sarap ng donut! Sakto for dessert! Also, para na siyang gift box, so if you want to give it to somebody, ready na siya and pleasing."
  • Anna commented, "It's very yummy! Not too sweet. The boxes look very Christmas-y too!"
  • Jin exclaimed, "It's very chococate-y! It's like I'm eating a small cake already. It's not dry and tastes delicious. The boxes are cute too!"
  • Rich on the tin cans and boxes, "They're cute. Ok siya pang-simple na Christmas gift na hindi magmumukhang cheap."
It's no joke to say that these Mister Donut Merrygalos offerings get two thumbs up from me. They're delicious, affordable, and very Christmas-y. It's really very appropriate for this special season. Go ahead and visit the Mister Donut branch nearest you or visit the Mister Donut Facebook Page or tweet them at @MisterDonut_PH for more information.

You saw how I made use of the donuts to make it even more presentable. Have you had your own donuts and would want to present it in another way, how would you present them? Share your ideas below. Enjoy!


ahaha at sinama ang officemates! it was nice seeing you at the event Glenn! :)

Mahilig kasi kumain mga dito eh, so I want to get their thoughts :) Great to see you too! 

So unahan kayo ni Roch? Hahaha! Ambilis! Nice centerpiece.. :)

It was nice seeing you and Roch at the event! ^_^

Lol! Di naman sa naguunahan. I just want to get it off my to-do list :)

Sorry for the term. Hehe! Yup, mahirap magka-back logs kaya kung kaya, blog agad right? :)

You're welcome! :)

Ang bilis!!!! :) Nice post Glenn! :) 

Thanks, Jill! It was nice to finally meet you in person. :)

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