Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Improved Fit 'n Right Promotes The Science of Sexy

Health and wellness -- these are two very important words we strive to have every single day. I myself am trying to keep my body fit by going to the gym as much as I can. However, when the buffet table is set in front of me, there goes my binge eating. And the equivalent of that? More calories that eventually become fats when not burned.

Advances in science have made us know more about how our bodies work, and how to lose and keep off excess weight.  The discovery of more body-friendly food ingredients that make us able to stave off disease and keep our weight down is also on the rise, making health and well-being a simple yet oftentimes difficult choice to make.

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You know what? It's all a matter of controlling oneself from eating too much or too little, and from working out too much or very rarely. From the Fit 'n Right event I've attended a few days back, I learned that we must know the "Science of Sexy."

The recommended rate of weight loss is just 1-2 pounds per week. That means working in at least 30 minutes of daily aerobic activity into our daily routine is already good enough! Couple it with right diet (plug: Sexy Chef can help you!), such as lessening the daily rice intake by 1 cup (1/2 cup at lunch, and another at dinner!). These very simple steps will already make us lose 1 pound a week. 

To help our bodies to block the sugar absorption, Del Monte has recently launched the New and Improved Fit 'n Right. With the flavors Watermelon, Apple, Pineapple Orange, Four Seasons, Pineapple, each bottle now has the unique, patented formulation -- combination of L-Carnitine plus the new Green Coffee Extract (GCE)

The Green Coffee Extract or GCE is a relatively new entrant into the weight loss landscape. It is a natural ingredient taken from unroasted green coffee beans. This ingredient is NOT present in the coffee we drink everyday, which has already been roasted, thus killing the weight loss benefits. GCE reduces our caloric intake by partially blocking our body’s absorption of sugar. The less sugar our body absorbs, the less excess calories that can turn into fat. As our bodies absorb less calories than it needs to burn for physical activity, existing body fat is also reduced.

Along with the new Del Monte Fit 'n Right logo comes a new drive to harness the science of sexy. By drinking just one bottle a day, coupled with diet and exercise, Fit 'n Right will surely amplify our weight loss efforts.

I'm leaving you with a tip: Weight is not the only measure of fitness. Remember that muscle weighs heavier than fat. Apart from monitoring your weight, it’s best to measure your waist line and check your body fat.


to whom it may concern, may i ask if the new fit n right is safe to intake by a preggy woman?

Hi, Teresa. While there are no studies showing that Fit 'n Right is harmful for pregnant women, one of the new ingredients of the product is GCE or Green Coffee Extract which contains some amount of caffeine. If you are supposed to stay away from caffeine, then it would be better not to drink Fit 'n Right first until after the pregnancy. To be sure, it's best to consult your doctor. :)

The new formula has lost the good taste it used to have, so now you've also lost my as a good customer.  We were buying about 30 bottles per month, but not now!

Cebu City, Philippines

Wow, 30 bottles and now gone to zero? Awww. :( Hope Fit 'n Right does improvements on the taste. I still love the Apple flavor :)

is it safe for persons with diabetes?

As far as I know yes, but take it moderately

I tried the new formula of fit & right and I ended up confined in the hospital due to excessive diarrhea and dehydration. One glass is all it takes to lose 10 pounds! (but costs so much, due to hospital bills!) 

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