Monday, November 14, 2011

Iloilo City: Mama's Kitchen Crunchies and Chewies for Pasalubong

A few months ago, I did told you of my experience eating at Breakthrough Seafood Restaurant in Iloilo. This time around, I'd like to share one more delicious thing. When in Iloilo and looking for great pasalubong items for your loved ones back home, I highly recommend Mama's Kitchen.

It may seem like Mama's Kitchen is a name for a restaurant, just like some of those we have hear in Manila. But in actuality, it's just an ancestral house carrying a variety of "crunchies" boxed in different colors for its different flavors/types.

The last time I visited, which is around August or September, these are the flavors and the prices:
  • Cashew Crunchies - Php135
  • Tsokolate Cashew - Php120
  • Mango Chewies - Php120
  • Tsokolate Crunchies - Php110
  • Tsokolate Pinipig - Php110
  • Pinipig Crunchies - Php100
  • Peanut Crunchies - Php100

Crunchies are basically thinly-baked cookies that have a crunchy texture, while Chewies are the thicker ones that are softer and more chewable. Depending on the flavor's name, you'd be able to eat bits of mango on each piece of Mango Chewies, pinipig bits on Pinipig Crunchies, and so on.

The product is actually very simple, yet they taste so delicious. Among my favorites from Mama's Kitchen are Pinipig Crunchies and Mango Chewies. I like it because it is not too sweet and I love the pinipig/mango bits in it.

And by the way, the same house that sells Mama's Kitchen products also offers items made of Sinamay or simply known as abaca.

Mama's Kitchen
16 Osmena St., Arevalo, Iloilo City
Tel. Nos. (033)3374221, (033)3360713
Mobile No. (0920)9506404


Those cookies are looking wickedly luscious! I hope I can get one when we fly to Manila on October.

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i wish they sell it in Manila! sounds yummy

Oh I love the mango chewies!! :D

I miss thease cookies so chewielicous cookies! I cant wait going back in iloilo hehe

I miss these cookies so chewielicous cookies! I cant wait going back in iloilo!! #icon2017 #excitedmuch #iamsfc


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