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Globe's CloudFone Temptation Is Affordable and Tempting

Globe has always been thinking of ways to lower down the rates of their phones and services to be as affordable as possible to all classes. Part of this strategy was the launching and offering of two Android phones namely CloudFone Ice and CloudFone Temptation.

In this review, I'll tackle the CloudFone Temptation, which features a combination of a full QWERTY keyboard and a 2.6-inch capacitive touchscreen, truly a Touch and Type kind of phone. As I look at the box of this phone under the light, I can see that it has been repackaged from carrying the brand Huawei U8350 Boulder to what it's called as CloudFone Temptation. 

Unboxing the CloudFond Temptation, we see the actual handset, battery, headset, warranty card, manuals, charger, and a USB cable that doubles as a charger adapter and a means to connect the smartphone to the computer. Pretty basic, yet packaged very well in a compact, white box.

Just by looking at the CloudFone Temptation's box, it actually tempts a consumer to buy it by listing down the basic applications that comes with it. For businessmen, there's a means to access Google Docs, Google Maps, and Email. For the social-networking fanatics, there's the renowned Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. For the young at heart gamers, playing Angry Birds, Texas Hold 'Em, and Pool Master Pro won't be a problem. And because it's on Android 2.2 (Froyo), there are multitudes of applications downloadable via the Android Market. Its internal memory is 512MB, but can be added with up to 32GB of microSD memory card.

At first glance, the size and look of the phone can be mistaken as the BlackBerry 9900. The keypads are almost the same, except for the addition of Home and Universal Search buttons. The center section allows a four-way navigation, which we can use to scroll and slide apart from the use of the touchscreen. At 105 grams, the phone feels very light and solid. 

The sides of the CloudFone Temptation is surrounded by gray semi-steel texture, while the keypad section in front and the whole back part are all made of black matte-finish texture. The left side of the phone does not have any button or port, while the right side holds the volume control. On top are the headset jack, charger port and power button, and the bottom part actually has the mouthpiece that acts as the microphone for calls. Located at the back are the speaker and covered lens of a 3.5-megapixel camera, which actually takes considerably decent photos even at 2.8x zoom.

Running on 528 MHz processor, using the phone can sometimes have lags, but the overall experience is still smooth and fluid. On my initial use, I was surprised to see the icons used in this phone. They are very similar or exactly the same as that of an iPhone (i.e. messaging, contacts, camera, and even the music as iPod). 

The smartphone is very easy to use whether texting, browsing, calling or playing games. However, I had a difficult time swiping from left to right on the multiple-paged menu using the touchscreen. Thankfully, there's the the four-way navigation panel that makes up for it.

As with other smartphones, the CloudFone Temptation is capable of Wi-Fi, EDGE, GPRS, 3G, Bluetooth connection, FM Radio, A-GPS, and video recording. It also has a "Streams" application that allows the viewing of social networking updates in one go.

In order to use this phone to its maximum potential, I suggest subscribing to Globe's mobile internet plans and promos (SuperSurf or PowerSurf).

Globe is currently offering the CloudFone Temptation for FREE when bundled with My Super Plan 499. You can visit this link for more information. On the other hand, you can also get a CloudFone Temptation Prepaid Kit at an affordable price of Php6,990.00. The device is available in Globe Business Centers/Stores and online store.


I think they raffled one like this yesterday during the Visayas Blogging Summit in Cebu City. 

Too bad though it's running Froyo and not Gingerbread. I'm an iOS user though but I know for a fact that Gingerbread is faster than the former. Anyways, still a great phone for its price.

Yup, IMO it's really a great smartphone at 6K. Touch and Type pa. How was Visayas Blogging Summit? I was able to attend last year, but wasn't able to this year.

It was really great!

I was also there last year in Iloilo. Why haven't we met? Haha.

Because I'm not so social person :) Haha! Lookin forward to next year.

@Bryan: Glenn actually dropped by sa ating room party at Days Hotel. :)

Ohhh kayo yung nasa room! :) Sorry, I think I was sleepy that time when Enrico introduced me to you guys. I also have poor memory on names :p

"Its internal memory is 512MB, but can be added with up to 32GB of microSD memory card."
I have a 4gb microsd memory card pero for some reason, hindi niya ito ginagamit :( Palagi tuloy  bumabagal yung phone ko kapag marami ng apps yung nag rurun and palagi ko tuloy kinikill yung ibang apps. At isa pang nakakalungkot, hindi ako makapagfruit ninja :( (sorry, medyo favorite ko kasi iyon).  

Ano po ang dapat kong gawin? :(

Christmas naman, pa extend naman po nung giveaway nyo T_T. pretty pls? :D 

Sorry. It's unfair to those who joined ahead of time. :) I'm sure there will be future giveaways, so just visit again and again or subscribe to the blog

For its price? Yes. Again, it depends on your needs. But if you want a higher one - with faster processor, bigger screen, you might want other smartphones

hey i want that cloufone how can i avail!?

Hello there! You can check out the last paragraph of my blog post on how you can avail of it :)

just wanna ask. its froyo right? nauupgrade nb ung OS nya?

hello..i wna know where to click to be able to connect to wi-fi..saan po un?

I can't remember where, but it should be somewhere in the connectivity settings. :)

hi! just wanna ask if how can i activate the android market?

Hi Tessa! Do you see the Android Market app on your phone? I think if it's there, you just need an internet connection and just need to follow the instructions.

How to receive MMs in cloudfone temptation

How can i receive mms in my always fail when download

Hi, please activate it first. You may ask Globe regarding this

hi.. just want to ask sana if we can find themes for cloudfone temptation? pasensya na, mahilig lng kc ako mg change ng themes.. 

I'm not so sure. You can try in the Android Market :)

hi! i just want to ask if we can changed the username & password na naka save sa market? kase di ko ma open ang market..nanghihingi siya ng password. ang username ay cloudfone_ _ _ _ _ -...tnx! :)

Hi, Aloha. I'm sorry I'm not familiar about this one.

Can you watch movies from this phone?

any tips on how to prolong the battery life? ang dali dali kasi malowbat... at ano ang the best task killer, yung hindi na bumabalik2x yung running applications sa backround... advance task killer doesnt seem to work...

If you're using social apps, maybe you could lengthen the refresh rate - such as in Twitter or Facebook, if any. As for the task killer, I remember it has a built in killer right? Not sure why it isn't working for you.

you have to reset it all, so that you can use the android market. ask assistance from your network provider.:)

How can I send music via Bluetooth???? thanks! 

If I remember it correctly, just turn on the bluetooth, go to the file > menu > send > via bluetooth

what i'm doing is.. i'm going to the file manager>music and when i press menu the only thing that will come out is compress, cut, copy, delete, search, more.. there is no send via bluetooth.. :/

With Bluetooth, you can share pictures, videos, or music files with your family and friends. To send files via Bluetooth, do as follows:
1. Touch and hold the file to be sent. The active options menu is displayed.
2. Touch Share, and then touch Bluetooth to select a paired device.

Don't forget to pair your devices first.

Before you use Bluetooth, you need to pair your mobile phone with another Bluetooth device as follows:
1. Ensure that the Bluetooth function on your mobile phone is enabled.
2. Touch > Settings > Wireless & networks > Bluetooth settings. Your mobile phone will then scan for Bluetooth devices in range.
3. Touch the device you want to pair with your mobile phone.
4. Enter the pairing password to complete the connection if necessary

my cloudfone lcd is broken. san ko ba pwede pa repair?

may ibang colors pa po bang pagpipilian aside from black? thanx.

As far as I know it's just black. But feel free to check with Globe

Oh nooo :( If you bought it from Globe, I think you might also have it fixed by them. But if LCD got broken because of personal mishandling, perhaps you need to pay to have it fixed. Best to check with the store you bought it from.

hi, ask ko lang po f paano po mabalik ang phne f nka lock kasi mali ang pattern na password? i really need help... tnx!

Hi, Myla. I'm really not so sure. Did you buy it from Globe? If yes, maybe they can help.

Hi!I find it difficult to use my headset.Minimal sound is always heard.I tried other headsets but the quality of the sound was just the same. I browsed for the headset setting so i can adjust but i failed to find it.How can i adjust the headset setting of my Cloudfone?tnx!

Hi! I'm not sure what adjustment you would like to do :)

Hi! The price is written in the post :) Thanks!

Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless handheld

I can't use my market features because my cloudfone was program to cloudfone3530260410011032gmail .com account, and it's been asking me the password which I don't know. i tried to create my own but this account has been blocking me. I tried to change the password but it keeps on asking me of the email address of the person who created this account. i got this phone from globe iloilo, i'm irritated and frustrated cos i couldn't maximize it's features.


Hi! I was wondering if you'd have any idea how to do this. So in texting there's a conversation tree, plus may pic pa of who you're texting, so that's pretty cool. But is there a way to add a picture of myself for my own texts? I've been ;ooking for a way but couldn't find any.

Hello there! I'm sorry, I'm not so sure about this.

What is the Google Account of Cloudfone Temptation ? I need it . Can you help me ?

Hm. Nka-sounds on naman yong phone ko (cloudfone temptation) pero pag may tumatawag or nagtetext, di man lang mag-ring, di ko tuloy mapansin ung mga important calls. What should I do? Thanks.

Has the ringing function ever worked? If yes, and if you didn't have any accident of dropping it or whatsoever, maybe a restart will do. If it has never functioned, then maybe you need to have it checked.

good day! pwede na ba ipa open line itong cloudfone U8350? saan po kaya? and where can i buy spare battery with higher mA capacity? thanks a lot. 

Perhaps in Greenhills.

Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless handheld

can i upgrade froyo to gingerbread in this phone?

Please try searching the net. The phone is not with me anymore.

hi..ask q lng po bkit sa twing mg cha charge aq ng'iinit ung cloudefone q?

It looks really good! I'll probably apply to Globe's 499 plan now. My only problem is my salary doesn't reach 20k, as Globe says in their site it's the minimum. Can I still apply? What do you think? Hmm. I really wanna have this phone. I'm already souped at my Galaxy Y. Thanks for your suggestions! :D

Hi! I cannot answer your question as I am not directly connected to Globe. You may call their hotline or go to any Globe center to check if you can apply. :)

Thank you! I've already applied to their Plan 499. I'm planning to change the phone, however. I accidentally chose BB. Do you think I can do that?

BB is a good phone, IMO. It's great for communication purposes with the low monthly rate of 599 - unlimited everything (internet, twitter, FB, chat, BBM, email). Try asking Globe immediately if you wanna have it changed.

Best to contact Globe immediately. But BlackBerry isn't so bad :) I love BlackBerry.

 Yes, Yes. I will. Thanks a lot!

can i use skype with this phone?

I wasn't able to try. Download it over WiFi and try :)

Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless handheld

thanks, it has a front cam right? 

ask lang po if. pwede bang ma play ang M4A na file dito? na hindi na wawala ang user at cover nito,.. downloaded kasi lahat sa itunes kaya ganito ang type ng file.. pwede po ba or mp3 lang lahat?

Hi! You can try it and share the answer to us. I already gave the phone away last Christmas as part of my birthday giveaway
Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless handheld

saan ba ped magdownload ng games pra sa cloudfone?

Check the Android market

Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless handheld via

bakit hindi ko po magamit yung wifi ng cloudfone temptation? help naman po.. thanks :)

Check if it's on. If it is, check your connection. Else, have your phone checked.

Pwde ba instagram sa cloudfone temptation?

Try searching it in the Android Market/Google Play.

Ayaw po nung instagram. Kainis. Eh android naman po un dba? HELP! Gsto ko ng instagram.

Might not be supported by that particular model, even if it's Android.

nahulog po kasi yung phone ko kahapon at nagkaron ng crack yung screen. thankfully, isang guhit lang po yung crack at di naapektuhan yung lcd. ang tanong ko lang po, gagawin ba ng Globe yun? thanks!

Bakit hindi ko ma-access and maps and dictionary sa aking cloudfone temptation? nandoon naman ang icon pero walang lumalabas kahit i-click mo siya. pls help. 

 Yes, I agree with Janah, paano gagawin ayw gmitin ng phone yung sd memory?

hi po! Paano po ba mag.send ng music through bluetooth? Thanks.

bat ganun ung cloudfone temptation q?? hinulaan kc ng kapatid q ung password ng ilang beses then nasobrahan ata ng attempts... ngaun hindi q na mbuksan ung fone kc naghahanap ng email and password pero pagnilalagyan d nmn pumapasok... anung pong gagawin q??? pls help...

Hello! Which is better for texting&calling? This cloudfone or samsung corby?
Thank you so much! :)

Never mind the wifi, internet and other social apps.
Is this phone good for texting and calling?
I am just gonna use it for calls and texts.
thank you! :)

edi dalin mo sa globe para malaman mo kung gagawin nila!

bakit hndi q na po matouch yung screen ng phone ko.? its getting hard to use.

Hi! I can't answer that, MJ. Maybe it's the way you use it. Or maybe it got dropped?

hndi q naman cia nahuhulog, nagulat nalang aq the other day hndi q na cia matouch, hai by the way thanks.

Have it checked in mobile phone stores agad.

same problem.. i think sa drivers yan.. 1 time gumana bigla ung touchscreen ko.. then nung ni lock ko siya gamit ung power button, hindi na ulit gumana ung touch... and now im suffering from trying...

san ba ako makakabili ng battery ng cloudfone ice turbo???

di po ako ma connect sa internet, no netwrok connection daw, kakabili ko lng kanina tapos wala palang customer service number...nag titipid ako wala namang kwenta

san po ba mkabuy ng charger at battery ng cloudfone thrills na unit?

saan makakabili ng murang touch screen ng cloudone./????


may cloud fone temptation pa bang available ngayon kahit second hand? i want to buy asap. please do contact me 09095517784 or 09223319319. thanks

san po ba pwedeng magpaayos ng lcd ng cloudfone? di ko po kasi maopen phone ko p[o ma touch yung screen eh naka pattern po yun.. pls help po.. :(((

ako din ... kahit second hand .. or saan ba nakakabili ??? 09153171962

gara nung cloudfone thrill... no sounds yung skype... XD

where can i go to fix my cloudfone temptation? they say i need to replace the touch screen device. i cant able to open my phone it is because the touch screen didnt work.

gusto mo pa ba? i have mine. rooted but sim-locked pa. kenya rom with a lot of performance tweaks.

yes it's possible with project sarah rom.

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