Monday, August 8, 2011

Globe lowers 30-Day SuperSurf for BlackBerry Max to Php599

We've heard of news that BlackBerry has been working with network providers to come up with better plans to suit everyone's needs at a lower price. This is one of their steps in trying to make the Philippines as close as possible to hopefully become a BlackBerry nation just like Indonesia and India.

Globe has announced that they have further lowered down the SuperSurf for BlackBerry MAX to Php599 from previously being priced at Php1,200 then eventually Php999. This is a great way for consumers to enjoy unlimited surfing, push e-mail, instant messaging, social networking on BB APN, plus unlimited downloading and streaming on Internet APN.

BlackBerry Max for Prepaid Subscribers
Note: You should have at least Php1.00 maintaining balance to continue using the service

BlackBerry Max for Postpaid Subscribers

Please note the following when subscribing to this promo:
  • Globe prepaid and postpaid plan subscribers can avail of this offer except for subscribers of the following:
    • Extension Plans
    • Load Tipid Plans
    • Load Allowance Plans
    • iPhone Plans
    • Globe Broadband Tattoo Plans
  • If you currently have other data add-on plans, you may avail of the SuperSurf for BlackBerry Max offier, provided that you terminate the existing add-on plan first before subscribing to SuperSurf for BlackBerry Max. This includes the following add-on plans:
    • Mobile Surfing Plans
    • Personal BlackBerry Add-on Plans (450, 700, 850, 1100)
    • SuperSurf
    • SuperSurf for BlackBerry
    • BlackBerry Social or BlackBerry Messaging
  • If you are registered to time-based charging (Php5.00 for 15 minutes), you may avail of the BlackBerry Max, and doesn't need to opt-out from time-based charging service.
  • To access video streaming, configure your units properly by using the correct APN -
The new BB MAX Php599 for 30 days is available from August 6, 2011 to December 31, 2011, while all other denominations are also until December 31. However, I have a strong feeling that Globe will keep this permanent.


interesting and super tempting

I'm actually wondering if a Globe user can subscribe to BB Max but use it for iPhone instead, since it's cheaper than iPhone plan and uses the same APN as what non-BB subs use

In theory, iPhone users can use this since the plan is not limited to RIM's network, otherwise Globe wouldn't call it unlisurf max (it's also a good strategy for Globe since BB users who browse thru their handsets, at least the average users, unknowingly use the default BB network most of the time for all web applications [OS 5 below], they seldom go out of RIM's network, unless they use 3rd party apps like Opera mini, Bolt, etc.), so kumita pa ang Globe, nirepackage lang yung lumang 'Unlisurf for BB'.

However, your handset can be detected thru their network as a non-BB handset kaya Globe will block it.

That's what I'm also thinking - that iPhone users or others can subscribe since same APN. But now that you mention Globe can track non-BB pala, so di puwede pala :)

I tried BBmax for one day on an android phone. works fine.

Hat, so are you planning to get the 30 days thing?

I did the one day on my android too, decided to try and get 30 day max on my iphone and got my service cut.... service rep said I violated usage agreement. maybe you'll have better luck but my iphone's locked out now....

Hey Robby! Too bad! By "locked out", what do you mean? You can still use the line but not the BB Max promo? Can you still subscribe to other Internet promos?

What I know is that you need to be subscribed to a BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS at least) so that the a certain BlackBerry Service Book gets activated. Perhaps, this is what Globe is tracking.

Ooh! you have a point! But how come commenters below said they were able to successfully register and use the 1-day BB Max on Android? Luck?

Well the bb max promos definitely out, "forfeited" my p599, and I think my iphones blocked from globe internet.  I can still call and text, but it's not much of a smartphone without the internet.  Should have just stuck with supersurf 999.  

I am planning to avail of the Globe's Superplan999 and get a blackberry bold 9780.. May i just ask, if I subscribe to BBMAX599 will it be billed on top of my monthly P999 fee? Or will it just reduce the consumable amount of P999?  Thanks.

I am planning to avail of the Globe's Superplan999 and get a blackberry
bold 9780.. May i just ask, if I subscribe to BBMAX599 will it be billed
on top of my monthly P999 fee? Or will it just reduce the consumable
amount of P999?  Thanks.

Hi Wilson! I'm not so sure, but I think it will be on top of the bill - I tried simulating the plan on Globe's site. Better if you can ask call Globe to ask about it :)

so BB Max on iPhone or Android is a no go? Globe will block it & waste the BB Max subscription?

It's a no go. Better safe than sorry.

how about if im using laptop with Globe Tatoo Stick Prepaid, will it work for BBMAX599 for 1 month?

Hi! I'm not so sure, but I don't think so. Maybe you can ask Globe to check.

can we still use bb social on as of today??? thank you! :)

if i avail the globe blackberry 8520 plan 599, in the end, how much total would i pay? is it still 599?

You can try asking them directly :)

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