Friday, November 25, 2011

Cute Crumpler Accessories: The Carrot, Limpet, and Noose

My confession: I love Crumpler products, but I do not own any product from their store. If you're like me, I guess we have the same reason -- the prices are a bit steep. But let's give it to them, because their products are well manufactured and the materials used are of superb quality.

Oh, I seemed to have forgotten to put the word "...yet" after the phrase "but I do not own any product from their store" above. Because yes, I now have three Crumpler accessories. They are called the Crumpler Carrot, Limpet, and Noose. Not only their names are catchy, but the items themselves are really cute! I'll just keep my eyes closed when it comes to the pricing.

So what are they specifically?

First up is The Noose. The packaging says it is a camera wrist strap that can perhaps be attached to only DSLRs, as they have wider holes where the strap's end can be looped into. However, I'd say be creative and resourceful. If you have any other item apart from a camera where The Noose can fit, go ahead and use it for whatever purpose that suits you.

The strap has a thick fabric, but still weighs very light. Big hands will not be a problem as it is adjustable.  And if you want to store an extra memory card, just open the button lock (in red above) and you'd see a small pocket there. This Noose accessory is priced at Php850.00.

We move on to The Carrot. It's essentially a holder for pens, highlighters, erasers, rulers, brushes, etcetera. The fabric used is very durable and the whole thing was stitched very well. There's a hole on the top portion where the zipper closes, so you can hang it on your desk hooks or put color-coded identifiers, so as not to be easily stolen. 

The Carrot comes in three variants -- red with black (pictured above), yellow with black, and pink with purple. The price tag may come of a bit high at Php950.00.

Lastly, here's The Limpet. I don't know why they gave it such a bizarre name, but this accessory is a bag tag that hangs on your luggage or pouches. Simply pull out the card in the middle to reveal details about the bag owner.

Apart from the design pictured above, The Limpet is also available in gray-base with pink and yellow graphics and plain black-base with a red strap. Selling price of this item is Php750.00.

All three Crumpler accessories are available only at Crumpler Bonifacio Highstreet, Crumpler SM Megamall, and Crumpler Trinoma.


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