Monday, November 22, 2010

Oh My Goodness! It's Gigi's Custaroons!

You might have heard about Gigi's Custaroons from various websites, family or friends. Yes, it has been existing for a couple of years now, but exclusive to Gigi's circle of friends... not until several months back when she gave in to her fans' prodding to offer it to the public.

Gigi Gaerlan is the master baker of the heavenly-tasting Gigi's Custaroons. She mixed the words "custard" and "macaroons" to form a deliciously unique combination of smooth and creamy flan topped with a chewy, buttery crust -- that is, Custaroons.

Last night, I was already so full from dinner and dessert, but when Abet of Manila Life brought the goodies, I didn't mind digesting additional sweets before calling it a night.

The custaroons come in boxes of 4 to 24 for cupcake-like sizes, which prices range from Php150.00 to Pho550.00 for the Original variant or from Php170.00 to Php600.00 for Cheese/Assorted variants.

Unlike macaroons or macarons that contain so much dessicated coconut making it rough and hard to chew, Gigi's specialty is super soft, creamy and chewable. It actually looks like the mid part of the leche flan; a little harder, but nevertheless yummy-licious.

It also comes in bite-sized serving of 15 to 120 pieces, for which prices range from Php180.00 to Pho900.00 for the Original variant or from Php200.00 to Php1000.00 for Cheese/Assorted variants.

My sister's initial reaction was that it's too sweet. For me, it's just okay. I ate three pieces one after another and it didn't give the suya taste. It didn't have any after-taste as well.

You won't notice much a difference between the Original and Cheese variants, except that the latter has a wee bit saltier taste than the former. Both are really good and a great dessert to act as taste-bud balancer after eating a full course meal.

Then there's this addicting bite-sized custaroon balls coated with a premium chocolate powder concoction called Poppers. Each piece is a bit bigger than the diameter of a 10-peso coin. A tub of 22 pieces will cost you Php200.00 for Original or Cheese variants and Php320.00 for their new Green Tea (Matcha) or Coffee (Espresso) variants.

My initial reaction was that the powder tasted a bit bitter on my first bite. The next was different, as I was already able to taste the sweetness of the custaroons. The balance in taste was spectacular that you'd pop one piece after the other.

These Poppers can be comparable to Royce or the other brand of chocolate that literally melts in your mouth. Do not eat it while working or reading, or else you'd easily gain a few pounds once you consume the whole tub. :-p

I was told that Gigi will be introducing new products called Le Petite Squares. The Gold wrapper you see in the first picture above contains the Cheddar variant (left), while the Silver wrapper contains the Butter Rhum (right). Two distinct taste of the two are cheese and rhum. Both are also delicious, but I'm wondering if I'll get reddish if I take in a lot of the Butter Rhum? *haha*

Christmas is almost near. Giving a box of Gigi's Custaroons would be an awesome gift, since it's unique, delicious, and hassle-free (since the box is already very presentable). You can visit their main website or Facebook page or just call them at 0918-8282929.

Gigi's Custaroons doesn't have a physical store as far as I know, but they do deliver. Call Foodie Delivery at 87878 for more information. Watch this Clipcast to know more about the products.


I'm curious about this. Gosh. It's lamon season again. Haaaaaay. I hope I don't gain 20 lbs again..

Gigi's Custaroons are also available at Parvati Dessert Shop :)

I'll be publishing my entry about it tom ;)

Just bought it two days ago in Parvati trinoma super yummy

Just bought it two days ago in Parvati trinoma super yummy

Oh yeah, I heard it is being sold there. Good! At least more venues to buy the delicious dessert!

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