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Ala Carte Buffet at Chef Laudico's Bistro Filipino

Bistro Filipino is the brainchild of Chef Roland and Jackie Laudico, with the former specializing on the main dishes and the latter on the desserts. Thanks to my Tita Julet who treated us here on a Sunday lunch for her advanced birthday celebration.

There are few tables and seats outside the restaurant, which you can really enjoy especially on a Sunday lunch. There ain't much people and cars on weekends, so you can catch a fresh breath of air and feel the sunny sunshine smiling on you.

Upon entrance, you'd see three columns of wooden tables and chairs which can sit about 30 people each. We sat on the rightmost part, where there's a cushioned-sofa attached to the walls.

There are also different variants of truffles that you can purchase on the side, beside the cashier.

The Ala Carte Buffet allows you to choose from more than 40 dishes, desserts and drinks. You order them and wait for it to be served. Depending on your buffet-eating strategy, you can order many dishes at a time, so you won't have to wait one dish after the other.

Each order contains a small amount just enough for one person. This means you can sample all the dishes if you're really that much of a foodie. Clean plate policy applies, of course, or else you have to pay Php100.

Price of the buffet is Php788 net per adult, Php488 net per 10 years old and below, and Free per 3 years old and below. The price does not include the bottomless drinks, which you can get at an additional price of Php130. I suggest though that you limit yourself with bottomless water instead, since the courses are already full of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

Angus Tapa Wrap
From the name itself, vegetables are wrapped around the tapa, with some onions, atchara, and a little spicy dip

Tinapang Bangus Lumpia
I love this pica-pica dish! It's taste was lovely and not that oily. Each order comes in three shot glasses. The fish inside it came with some small cuts of vegetables, which aren't much noticeable by kids.

Taba ng Talangka Pizza
My relatives like this since it was creamy and juicy on the inside

Crispy Tilapia
Tasty tilapia fish covered with crispy outer layer, which comes with a small scoop of rice

Wagyu Estofada
The best dish for me in Chef Laudico's Bistro Filipino. It was really soft and chewy, tasty and delicious. It comes with potatoes.

Angus Beef Kare-Kare
It was a different kind of kare-kare. No need for bagoong since it was already tasty. However, I tasted something kinda sour in this dish, which made it a turn off for me. Nevertheless, it was worth the try.

Crispy Pata Binagoongan
The pata wasn't as crispy as its name. However, the meat itself was already satisfying for me, so I left the rice with binagoongan sauce for others to finish.

Lamb Kaldereta Pastel
Crusted creamy chicken, cheese, and small veggies. A so-so dish for me.

Chicken Binakol Broth
A little bit sour, salty and sweet all mixed into one bowl with a piece of dumplings (I think it was dumplings)

Sampalok Salmon Salad
Vegetable salad with pieces of salmon on top and bits of nuts & fruits on the side, with a little sour dressing.

Three Kinds of Mango Salad
We can't comprehend why it was called that way, but it kinda tasted like the Sampalok Salmon Salad as well.

Grilled Boneless Chicken
The dish had a balanced taste, since the chicken was grilled and tasteful, while the mashed potatoes were sweet. I'm not much of a sweet potatoes person though.

Grilled Salmon Fillet
Few pieces of grilled salmon came with rice and few veggies. Some of my friends know that I'm a huge fan of salmon sashimi, but not of cooked ones, mainly because cooked ones tend to be "malansa" for my taste. Surprisingly, this didn't taste like one, so I really love it.

Grilled Boneless Lamb Chops
I asked the waiter to for medium-well lamb chops, but it turned out kinda medium-rare. I can taste the not-so-delicious natural flavors of the lamb, which I didn't like at all. I was forced to finish it in 'compliance' of the Clean Plate Policy.

US Angus Beef Tapa
This course is part of their 'Silogs' category. As such, the Angus Beef is served with garlic rice and egg cooked to your liking.

Seafood Bihon Cake
I asked why it was called a cake. Well, the bihon was fried and supposed to be a little curvier. Seafood and veggies are at the middle of the bihon. I like this! Super tasteful and yummy for me.

Suman Panna Cotta Savarin
Delicious! But the mango can be removed.

Halo Halo Sherbet
It's always great to feed yourself with a halo halo after a loooong time of eating different courses. Truly a heaven-sent!

Calamansi Tart
I didn't eat the meringue, since I don't see why I should. The tart had calamansi taste, and the vanilla ice cream made it yummier.

Banana Q Tart
It had bits of banana q on top of the tart, then layered over by an ice cream. This is my personal favorite amongst the desserts I tried.

Whew! That was a long list of food we ate awhile ago. Always remember to get the most expensive courses first before anything else. Unless you love a certain dish very much, don't order them more than once. If you can try everything on the menu, go ahead. Or, if you have a companion who is also availing the buffet, share some of the orders so you can try more dishes.

Bistro Filipino also serves non-buffet items -- prices range from Php150++ to Php488++ for each order (and perhaps a bigger serving).

Pictures taken via Nokia N8

Chef Laudico's Bistro Filipino
G/F Net2 Ericsson Building, 3rd Avenue,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
For Reservations: (632)901-0882, (632)856-0634, (632)856-0541
0917-800CHEF (2433)
[email protected]


I wanted to try this also. sana pala sumabay ako sayo :)

Yey, thanks for sharing Glenn. Will tell Kid about this so we can try it out one of these days. What are your top 3 fave dishes (not dessert)?

Not in order:
Tinapang Bangus Lumpia, Wagyu Estofado, Boneless Chicken, Salmon Fillet :-p

Not in order:
Tinapang Bangus Lumpia, Wagyu Estofado, Boneless Chicken, Salmon Fillet :-p

I wanted to try this also. sana pala sumabay ako sayo :)

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