Monday, November 1, 2010

I Think I Encountered Ghost Today

It's the first time that we've actually went to a cemetery and spent the few hours of November 1st in there. My lolo died last July, so it will be a tradition to go and visit him every All Saints' Day.

His remains were placed inside a temple at the Heritage Memorial Park. Most of the boxes are still empty, although some were already reserved and bought for future use.

Remembering our Lolo, we paid respect by following Chinese traditions like lighting incense sticks, uttering prayers, offering food and fruits, lighting candles, and putting white flowers.

We also did the folding of papers with gold/silver patches, and burned them -- these symbolize money, which is believed to be brought to afterlife by the deceased loved ones.

After more than three hours, we departed Heritage and went to my cousin's house for a get together over lunch. These are what we ate there, which explains why my tummy is super happy again.

And about the ghost -- I really think it was a ghost. I heard a voice from the left side of the temple that seemed to be an old person crying. The crying sound went on for about a minute, and was very distinct. It wasn't a hallucination, it was for real.

However, when my Tita and I went around the back of the hall where my Lolo's ashes were placed, we didn't see anyone. It was also almost impossible for anyone to go there, since all the boxes are still empty. So the question now is, was that a real ghost or just some people trying to scare us? Did you encounter something similar?


if it's a temple.... chances are it's only some monks or their mass.

If it's from the left side, it's a good spirit daw. Wah ang scary!

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