Monday, August 2, 2010

My Great Sale Finds at Robinsons Galleria

Make Robinsons Malls your shopping haven this August, as they throw in the All-Out Clearance Sale from August 1 to 31, 2010! It's a mallwide sale at all Robinsons Malls participated by tons of wonderful brands both for men and women.

Today, my being at Robinsons Galleria for the first day of the clearance sale just made me agree with my friends who call me the "shopping guy." Hello, who can resist shopping if you can get the items you like for as much as 50% off the regular price?

As a yuppie who's busy with work, socials, and trips, I was glad to be able to peek into great finds that are useful for me (and maybe for you as well). Take a glimpse of my great finds:

WORK? Check. Van Heusen is located at the middle section of the 2nd floor of Robinsons Galleria, as well as inside the Robinsons Department Store (RDS). Offering 50% discount, their polo shirts went down from Php1,290.00 to Php645.00 and long sleeves from Php3,290.00 to Php1,645.00. They also offer belts and ties at a smaller percentage discount, but are surely worth it as well.

SOCIALS? Check. Lacoste has two stores inside Galleria -- one is for footwear and another for shirts and bags. I chose Lacoste Footwear. Located a few stores away from Van Heusen, my eyes got caught up by the brilliant white Lacoste shoes (pictured above) that were on sale. FYI, I have always wanted a pair of shoes from that store, but I find items greater than 3,000 very expensive. This time, the shoes went 30% off, going down from Php4,195.00 to Php2,936.50! Great find indeed!

TRIPS? Check. For inexpensive flipflops and sandals needs, check out Hotflopz positioned at the 2nd floor of Robinsons Galleria, on the side of where Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn are located. My best find is their buy-1-get-1 Brazilliano Pria sandals (pictured below) being offered at Php1,499.95 (or Php750.00 per pair). It's not only useful for beach trips, but also a necessity for rainy seasons such as ours. Also, their Rio Punch slippers were narrowed down to Php450.00 (10% off), making it almost half of the price as that of the more expensive flipflops.

Whether you're looking for local or international brands offering apparels, shoes, bags, accessories, electronics, toys or gadgets, there's always something for you at Robinsons. Aside from the great finds, you can also check out your favorite Robinsons Malls for exciting events and celebrity shows. To add to the excitement, you can get a a chance to win a chic umbrella by spending a minimum of Php1,000.00. Mechanics are posted below:
All Out Treats Promo

You have the entire month to schedule your shopping, but remember, the early bird catches the worms. Shop till you drop this whole August at Robinsons Malls. Check out their Facebook Fan Page to get updates and promotions.

How about you, what are your great sale finds? I would love to know!


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