Friday, June 22, 2012

Binalot is Now on Multiply for Easier Ordering and Delivery

Enough of hamburgers, fries, pizza's and spaghetti's... let's go for Filipino food with Binalot Fiesta Foods

Started in 1996, Binalot's ultimate vision is to become the number one, truly Filipino fast food restaurant. The resto's name "Binalot" was coined from the English word "wrapped" - having the concept of packaging the well-loved Filipino dishes in the all-Filipino banana leaves instead of the usual styro.

Rommel Juan, owner of Binalot and Mang Bina, Binalot's official mascot
Just recently, Multiply has partnered with Binalot to be the first in the food category to utilize its website and payment gateway. Aiming to bring convenience to foodies, Binalot's Multiply site offers Pinoy-food favorites great for big groups, meetings, and parties.

Binalot's Multiply site is at With a minimum order requirement of Php1,000, anyone - both Multiply registered user and guest - can just visit the site and order in bulk. After selecting the food items from the menu, you'd be immediately directed to the payment page to pay using either credit card, GCASH, Paypal or via bank deposit.

We were at the first Binalot branch in Jupiter, Makati together with a couple of bloggers. It was great to once again eat the Filipino dishes that Binalot has mastered over the years - with matching itlog na maalat, kamatis, and rice, super sarap!

The Bistek Walastik brings the traditional taste of bistek tagalog. Its meat and sauce are so full of taste, where the usual saying "sauce pa lang ulam na" is best applicable.

Even with just a small piece of the Boneless Bangus, one can already eat two cups of rice with it. Mixed with tomatoes and salted egg, it's really a Filipino dish close to our hearts.

If I could name one of my favorites from Binalot, it would be the Tapa. In fact, it was one of the first to go last night. Truly Filipino in taste, Binalot's tapa can be considered as one of the best-sellers of the restaurant.

Binalot's Vivo Tocino was also good, but a bit too oily. However, as the saying goes, "masarap ang bawal", so even if oily food is not too good for the health, it's still something I'd gladly eat again and again. 

Over the years, Binalot has not only given satisfaction to people looking for great-tasting Filipino dishes. They have also been part of propagating wealth to Filipinos with their advocacy of developing young small-to-medium entre-Pinoys through the Binalot franchise packages. In addition, they have a DAHON program where farmers get to earn more from banana leaves, as Binalot is heavily dependent on these leaves used as wrapper of their food items.

Now that Binalot is on Multiply, we can easily choose from among their food items, order 1-3 days in advance, and leave all the hassle of preparation and delivering to them. Once again, the Multiple site is at

Do follow them on Twitter @Binalot and on Facebook at


I love Binalot! You guys should also try other forms of social media like Facebook and Twitter to reach a wider demographic. Your approach to native delicacy and preparation is simply a class of its own. My only reservation though is your use of onion powder, but of course, I could be wrong. :)

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