Monday, March 15, 2010

Next generation iPhone: 25 most-wanted features

CNET Asia recently wrote a feature story compiling the top 25 most-wanted features and design upgrades people are wishing for in the next-generation iPhone. Expected to come out in June of this year, the iPhone 4G can make or break the consumers' hope of a better handheld.

With sample photos and the percentage of implementation, here are few of the twenty-five:

Better app organization and file management with 75% likely to be implemented. Having this will make consumers' life easier, since iPhone is known to be a phone will lots of apps. Organizing apps by type will surely be a feast to the eyes.

Improved camera with video chat (camera in front) having 75% odds of implementation. Nokia and other phones have this feature, why not iPhone?

Better battery life taking 80% of the possibility to be implemented. It makes sense to have a longer-lasting battery for such a powerful phone with much features and capability.


cant wait for iphone 4g! is time to retire my 2g :)

i dont think i'll ever own an iphone in the near future.. =P

I am craving for iphone ever since its release. Perhaps I am waiting for 4g.

Someone told me this one will be cheaper, since Apple needs to lower down the price to get more buyers.


i shall forget about 3gs. hold it there for another few months. am getting that one.

if it has a long battery life, multi-tasking, and flash support for web browsing I'd buy it.

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