Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hungry No More with McDelivery

It's late at night, you're surfing the web and your stomach starts grumbling. What will you think of first? McDonald's. If you just want a Burger McDo Meal and nothing more, you could now order it from McDelivery without worrying about the minimum purchase amount.

Admittedly, this is not something new, but I guess many people are still unaware that McDonald's now delivers with a fixed rate of Php40. No more 10% delivery fee like before.

Until further announcements, McDelivery 24/7 is making this available in the following areas: Metro Manila; Antipolo; San Pedro, Laguna; Laguna Bel-Air; Tarlac; Lipa, Batangas; Cebu and Davao. Just call 24/7: 8-McDO (or 8-6236) or log on to

Now you can rejoice and eat McDonald's anytime of the day, even if you're just alone and have a small appetite.


What if more than P150 yung pinamili mo? ibig sabihin +P40 din yun? diba parang mas mahal pa ang dating nun? :)

I think in everything, there are always pros and cons. This is obviously a pro for people ordering small meals, and a con for such situations such as what you've mentioned.

I work at home and most of the time due to deadlines I don't have time to cook anymore (i have kids too), so heaven sent talaga ang mcdo delivery, anyway my regard on the situation naman is to enjoy the money I've been working for, even if it sounds like I'm paying more if I visit the store which can be a walking distance from our place, we're around makati ave. the concern here is that this is good for those who "cannot afford to go around" much.

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