Friday, March 12, 2010

Sony unveils PS3 motion-controller called Move

(Photo courtesy of Sony)

Sony unveiled the PlayStation 3 motion-sensitive controller called Move last Wednesday. 

You can now play your PS3 games that involve swords, bows and arrows, guns, punching and many more with a controller that can provide you with a realistic and precise feeling of the actual thing the game needs. The Move is a great solution for both casual and hard-core gamers alike.

[Sony PS3 Move is] A small device that looks like a microphone--but with something on top of it that looks like a ping pong ball with an LED inside--Move is Sony's bid to gain control over the motion controller wars that are currently led by Nintendo, with its Wii controller, and which many think will be dominated by Microsoft and its Project Natal controller system.

With this new cool gadget, expect Sony to create "amazingly diverse" games very soon. The Move is set to be available in stores this fall, and I-don't-know-when here in the Philippines. With a starting price of US$100 (or approximately Php4,500), you get the Move, a PlayStation camera, and a game.


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