Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Close Up Pyromusical Makes Saturdays More Fun in Manila!

February is known to be the "love month" in celebration of the ever popular February 14 Valentine's Day. This is the month when guys spend so much to please their girl; the month when singles get together to avoid depression and celebrate the singles' awareness day instead.

I'm sure we all remember Lovapalooza held in the previous years. That was one of, if not the biggest Valentine's event by Close Up. However, that was more for couples, right? This year, Close Up came up with a new idea that will cater to everyone -- partnered or not. Hurray! 

This season of love, Close Up, the toothpaste that gives us the confidence to get closer with whiter teeth and long-lasting fresh breath, brings The Close Up Pyromusical, happening every Saturday, from February 11 to March 17 at the SM Mall of Asia.

What will happen on the 1st Week (February 11)?
Close Up is kicking off the first weekend with NOT ONLY a pyromusical show featuring the timeless classic Closer You and I and other BUT ALSO a grand Valentine's event called the Close Up Pyropalooza. It will be on February 11, 2012 at the Music Hall of SM Mall of Asia

Bring your loved ones and your friends to the Close Up Pyropalooza to watch American Idol star David Archuleta, soulful singer Zia Quizon, pop rock bands Indios and Never the Strangers, plus a special appearance from Youtube sensation and real-life couple, JAMICH.

What will happen in All Weeks (Feb 11-Mar17)?
There will be fun booths and activities designed to get everyone closer to each other. In addition, roving photographers will also be all over the venue to capture and make our Close Up moments even more memorable.

Close Up booth plus fireworks in the background plus you and your friends. More fun in the Philippines.

What will happen in the Last Week (March 17)?
With a grand opening comes an outstanding ending as well. On March 17, Close Up will end the Close Up Pyromusical with a bang by announcing the grand winner of the pyromusical competition, a special fireworks exhibition from the Philippines, as well as musical performances by up and coming artists. 

How to enter the Close Up Pyromusical?
Simply exchange Php100 proof of purchase of any Close Up product (Close Up Red hot toothpaste, Menthol Chill, Peppermint Splash, Icylicious Blue, Fire-Freeze, Crystal Frost Ganules, White Now) for a FREE ticket worth Php100, or 50% discount on Php300 or Php500 tickets at the SM MOA Booths. Proofs of purchase to be accepted are those made starting January 1, 2012 onwards only.

Note: We can redeem a maximum of three free Php100 tickets for every single purchase receipt (e.g. Php400 single receipt purchase = 3 free Php100 tickets only). However, there's no limit as to the number of discounted tickets if we have several receipts (e.g. Five receipts with Php400 each = 15 free Php100 tickets).

However we celebrate it, I believe that Valentine's Day or the "love month" shouldn't just be for couples and partners. Love is a precious gift that we need to celebrate every day and every second of our lives. But since our culture has dictated us to celebrate it the way it is today, let's just ride on it and party along!


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