Thursday, February 9, 2012

Free Coke Day… Truly Successful!

Chug, chug, chug… burp! Ahhh, Coca-Cola. Free flowing happiness has been served!

The Coca-Cola President for Happiness Caloy has just been elected recently, and yet he already made his first act to make the Filipinos happy. Last February 4, 2012, Caloy led a nationwide FREE COKE DAY for three hours at participating stores nationwide. All we needed to do was just to fall in line and get a free Coke to drink. Truly refreshing!

The FREE COKE DAY was successful and has in fact made a mark not only in real life, but also in the world wide web. Tons of people were tweeting about their Coke happiness, which is why “Free Coke” trended worldwide on Twitter. In addition, a lot of people posted their pictures holding their cup of Coca-Cola on Facebook.

Caloy’s first act will surely be remembered by Filipinos, since this is uniquely Coke. I don’t think any other beverage brand has done this kind of giveaway. I wish there would be more days of free Coke to get us all refreshed. 

Indeed, what a great way to begin the 100 years celebration of Coca-Cola. Expect more from the President for Happiness. Don’t forget to ‘Like’ the Facebook page of President Caloy, as well as follow him on Twitter.


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