Saturday, December 24, 2011

Congratulations to My Birthday Giveaway Winners

Hi everyone! I've been very busy celebrating birthday and Christmas over the past few days, so I'd like to apologize for the long delay in announcing the winners. 

Before we welcome Christmas as the clock ticks 12, I made sure to draw the winners as my Christmas gift to you all. I'd like to thank the 100+ participants who joined my birthday giveaway. Although, only 74 participants had valid entries, I still hope you enjoyed the thrill of joining and wishing to be a winner. 

Prizes A and C were drawn using and B was my personal choice for the answer to the question  "My only wish this Christmas is _____."

Congratulations to our winners!!! I will be contacting them via email. Should there be any problems in claiming of the prizes and/or requirements from the winners, the next in the list shall automatically be announced as winners.

Prize A - Kimberly Camille Tiu

You won the following:
  • An unsealed, but brand new CloudFone Temptation smartphone with Android Froyo OS;
  • Gym bag;
  • Passport holder; and,
  • Mug

Prize B - Ruben John Basa
His response was:
My only wish for this Christmas will not win me the Nobel Peace nor bring me closer to beatification, but I've always felt I had always lived for others. It's time I live my life for myself. After a false positive for the big "C", I came to appreciate the present as a gift (the present as a gift - "wow, wow" as Steve Jobs said it). This is not being selfish, but I can only share myself when I am whole myself and become the person I was meant to be. But then again let me add: world peace.
Like Ruben, we need to pause for a while and assess how we live our lives. Of course we need to look out for others and share our blessings to them. But it should not be the case that we forget to give time for ourselves and not live our lives the way we want it and how it should be.

Ruben has always lived for others - I don't know in what way - but his wish of also living for oneself as a gift to himself is a great way to start off the year 2012. The negative result for the big "C" just gave him hope that life is beautiful and that he should live it to the fullest. God is good!

To add, I liked his answer because of "world peace" - such a classic answer! (",)

You won the following:
  • Nokia Director's Chair;
  • Serenitea and Yoh Froz GCs;
  • Baller ID; and,
  • Mug
In the spirit of giving, I'd also like to give a prize to another person gave a great answer. Congratulations to Melanie Abuel. You won Php300 worth Serenitea GC and Php200 worth Yoh Froz GC.

Prize C - Ace J. Mendoza

You won the following:
  • A pair of brand new, size-10 Penshoppe shoes for men;
  • Three big tubes of Nourishing Conditioner;
  • Hard-bound notebook with pen; 
  • 4GB USB Card; and,
  • ID lace

Till the next giveaway!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!


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