Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nokia Highlights NFC Technology on New Symbian Belle

We've had a look on Nokia's Symbian Belle a month ago, where three handsets were announced to be getting the new OS - Nokia 600, Nokia 700, and Nokia 701. Last September 23, Nokia invited us to get a hands on the new devices and to try the NFC technology on several Nokia accessories.

Although the Philippines will not see light on Nokia's loudest smartphone (Nokia 600), the shipping of Nokia's smallest (Nokia 700) and brightest (Nokia 701) smartphone will start this October 2011.

These devices have the Near-Field Communications Technology or popularly known as the NFC, which is located on the top-back portion of the Nokia smartphones. It is very useful in sharing contents between a smartphone to another by simply tapping the devices near each other in order to pair them. Once the tapping is done, the phone's Bluetooth functionality will still be utilized for the actual file transfer.

We can also use the NFC technology for other purposes. In a Q&A game about James Bond, we used the Nokia smartphone's NFC technology to tap on an illustration board with pictures and NFC chips underneath it. The question will appear on the phone, then you need to tap the picture to answer.

You can also store text information on an NFC chip and edit it using the Nokia smartphone, as long as it's not saved as "read only" - I'm just not so sure if the software for editing that was shown to us is already built in. They showed us a sticker that has an NFC chip inside. It was programmed to automatically dial a number once the phone is tapped to it. Another is a calling card that can show and allow others to save your mobile number once tapped.

Pairing the smartphone to Nokia accessories like speakers and headsets can also be done by simply tapping the Nokia smartphone with the specific device's NFC location. It will automatically pair and play your audio without any hassle. Tapping it again will disconnect the connection.

Pictured above is the Nokia 700. It comes colors Cool Grey, Silver/White, Coral Red, Peacock Blue, and Purple. From the size of it, this Nokia handset is a great device for women. It's really small and very much handy. More specifications here.

And this is the Nokia 701 with the Gorilla Glass Display. It comes in colors Steel Dark, Silver Light, Amethyst Violet, and White. More specifications here

Both of these devices have pull down options (below the "Nokia" brand), where you can toggle the on and off of Mobile Network, Bluetooth and WiFi to save battery, when necessary.

One of the great-looking speakers ever, the Nokia Play 360 is very loud and clear. It plays audio with deep bass and crisp details, which is compatible with any device with Bluetooth or NFC. This speaker can play up to 20 hours over fully charged battery.

When you have two pieces of the Nokia Play 360, you can pair them both with your smartphone and hear a surround sound. It's great for bedrooms, small party places, and the living room. It comes in colors Grey, Cyan, and Silver.

This portable Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-505 allows pairing via NFC technology. It is suitable for people who are always on the go and are always in for quick access to calls and music. It is very easy to use and very comfortable to the ears. The controls are located on the right places, so you won't really have a hard time with it. This headset is soon to be available in our country.

I wonder if the NFC technology can be the next thing we can look forward to, aside from the widely used QR codes nowadays. Nokia reps said the NFC technology has actually been there on old devices like the Nokia C7, but the software development has just been completed.

To people saying Nokia is dying, I'm not here to judge. I still think they are trying their best to win customers by introducing diversified handsets for different markets and users. I believe in the principle that "as long as there's life, there's a chance to make it or break it."


whats the use of nokia 360 speaker if nokia 600 is not included in the shipping?ay naku nokia what a waste .so please bring here in the philippines the musicphone nokia 600 that  is more compatible to nokia 360 speaker.nothing on the 700 or 701.i protest for that.nokia 600 is for philippine customers who are music lover peaple.like us filipinos and no one can buy that  smallest or brightest smartphone. we want the loudest smartphone and sure it will hit in the market like the nokia 5800 xpressmusic before

nokia why do you not included nokia 600 which is the most awaiting smartphone in the philippines. today?and i m sure it will hit in the market like the nokia 5800.and what is the use of nokia 360 speakers if no nokia 600?where musicphone is its best  for filipino music lovers.what a waste if you dont bring here in the philippines.we want nokia 600 now not 700 or 701.we dont want the smallest or the brightest we want the loudest smartphone bec. we want the big sounds for us musiclovers.don't you think.pleassssssssssssssse hurry ship now this october .

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