Thursday, August 4, 2011

Faster, easier way to get NSO birth certificates and more

Getting personal documents and records from the National Statistics Office (NSO) can be tiresome and gruesome, especially if you have a limited time for processing. Until today, many people still ask if there's an easier way to get these documents without the need to leave our houses.

My parents are one of those who keep on asking me about these things. I bet there are several others who are faced with the same situation. So in hoping that you can just point them here, I'm posting this for your benefit.

Thanks to technology and the initiative of Pilipinas Teleserv Inc. (or simply Teleserv), we can now request for our birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, and certificates of no marriage right from the comfort of our homes. This service has actually been around for quite some time already.

What's the procedure for requesting documents?
There's just 3 simple steps to follow:
  1. Using any telephone, call (02)737-1111 and a customer service representative will be asking for your details. On the other hand, you can also log on to and do the request via web chat.
  2. Once a reference number has been given to you, you can pay for the documents using their online payment facility that accepts major credit cards OR via over the counter deposit at Bayad Center, Bancnet ATM or Metrobank branches.
  3. Wait for your certificates to be delivered in 2-4 days upon receipt of payment.
How much does it cost?
Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates and Death Certificates costs Php330.00 per copy and Certificate of No Marriage costs Php430.00 per copy. Both rates are inclusive of processing and delivery. Delivery is nationwide.

When can I request for documents?
Whether hotline or online, requesting for documents can be done at anytime. They are available 24 hours, 7 days a week even on holidays.

That's it! So if you need any of your NSO documents, make sure to log your request in advance and pay for it as soon as you can. What a convenience - no queuing and waiting time, no additional expenses for food and travel.

Teleserv also provides services for POEA OFW Exit Clearance Delivery and DFA Passport Appointment System.

Update: I had a short conversation with one of my Twitter followers, which is transcribed below. Calling on Teleserv, I hope you can incorporate multiple documents into one delivery, so we can save on shipping costs.
DustinDrakeDale (Tara YC)
@GlennOng Sana they can make it cheaper too. It's so expensive if i need 3 or more copies bec they cannot combine shipment. :/
GlennOng (Glenn Ong)
@DustinDrakeDale You have a point. Maybe they can offer that with special request. Have you tried asking in hotline or online?
DustinDrakeDale (Tara YC)
@GlennOng Yes. They don't do it daw. Yumayaman courier nila. :)


Matagal na din yang Teleserv.  A couple of years ago I had my passport deliver to our house.  Ganun din mamamasahe ka, maiinitan, tapos pipila, okay service nila.

Yup, it's been around na, but many people still do not know about it. Passport deliveries may be done by other couriers as well diba? Well at least for my experience. Mine was 2GO.

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