Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Convert your iPod Touch into an iPhone

Even with myriads of smart phones available today, a lot of people still wants an iPhone. I don't know what Steve Jobs did, but when we hear "Apple" or "Mac," it quickly equates to the I-wanna-have-that-gadget mentality. Well, of course there are still exceptions and that includes me.

Just recently, I visited the gadget haven in Manila. Oh boy did my boss saw the tech lust in my eyes. It was an orgasm brought by gadgets!

In this blog entry, I'll show some of the things that caught my attention. Are you ready? Read on...

I saw a lot of tablets lined up from Apple iPad to BlackBerry Playbook to Motorola Xoom to HP Touchpad (pictured above).

In addition to that, my eyes went wow when I saw a helicopter with camera called the M-Drone, which can be controlled by the iPad.

And on the side, I saw a Dyson blade-less electric fan, which I think is very safe for babies and youngsters.

But my thoughts were all on the TOUCHPEEL. Guess what? You can convert your iPod Touch into sort of an iPhone. Yes, you've read it right. It's a battery extender and a phone enabler as well.

Aside from being able to use your iPod Touch as a phone, you also save a huge amount by doing this. The iPod Touch is around Php12,000 and the Touchpeel is just around Php3,000, available in Hong Kong. You save around half the price of an iPhone. Amazing!

Oh, you need to JB your iPod Touch when you plan to use the Touchpeel.

P.S. Photos were taken from the BlackBerry Bold 9700.


Dyson blade-less fan, I've been waiting for me to see that myself. Now it's here? May I know what's the address of Gadgets Haven Manila?

pEDo - I think the fan is was bought elsewhere than Manila. and Gadgets Haven Manila is not a proper noun. I just used it as a description of the place of my boss. :)

Glenn, Where can you buy the Touchpeel?

Boy Kuripot - I was told it came from Hong Kong. Not sure if it's already available anywhere in the country.

I think I saw the bladeless fan in a hardware store in Eastwood...

I never wanted to jailbreak my Touch! hehehe

Glenn, Where can you buy the Touchpeel?

But why? It's so much more useful jailbroken! :-p

Does this technology still uses or allows to use your existing sim card? I mean the touch peel?

Hi Pat! You can use any sim card :)

There's a deal on CashCashPinoy. Just not sure if it's Dyson. :)

Hi! There's a deal on CashCashPinoy. Just not sure if it's Dyson. :)

TouchPeel now available call 09154872227 look for Ed.

sir glenn.. available pa b un touchpeel? 3K talaga xa? Thanks.

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