Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Take on Freshman Masculine Wash

Out of curiosity and the repetitive advertisements I see and hear, I finally gave in and bought a 75mL bottle of Freshman Masculine Wash last August 1. The small bottle costs Php77.75 and the bigger one was around Php100+. It comes in two variants -- one being more "menthol-y" than the other.

When I was younger, I always see the feminine wash that my folks were using at home. It got me thinking why they have a special wash for their vajayjay, while men only use plain soap for the penis. After many years, a friend told me there's a Peni Soap that smells like Tutti Frutti... but I didn't try it out, mainly because I am not really fond of using hard soaps. I prefer using liquid soap for my body, and this time, for my private part.

Freshman boasts to be the only masculine wash specially formulated for the proper intimate hygiene of men, at least here in the Philippines. It contains Tea Tree Oil that fights bacteria and germs, which causes unwanted odors, itchiness, and/or skin diseases. Aside from leaving that certain part fresh and cool all day, it also helps the healing of minor scrapes and wounds by being able to penetrate into the lower skin layers due to its wound-healing qualities that boosts the immune system.

After a week of using Freshman, I believe it has been effective on me. It doesn't really have that strong menthol fragrance, but I somehow feel the freshness down there, which is always what they have claimed.

For the men reading this one, buy a bottle and try it out for yourself. At this time and age, we men should have no excuse to having poor hygiene, because there are already a lot of products specifically designed for us. Admit it or not, we need products that will make us feel fresh, clean and cool too, just like the ladies.


OMG. Naloloka ako sa idea of a masculine wash. Hahahaha!

@skysenshi: I know right? Haha! A lot of people have the same reaction as yours. It's just that it's not a norm in our country.

Wow! Hahaha. Kakatuwa yun idea na mentholated. :p

My brother has that and the first time I saw that in the bathroom I was LOLing.

Reading your post has made me what? huh? oh!

That's what's making killing me. Mentholated, OMGWTHBBQ!

@skysenshi: It's not so mentholated as you think. :)

Alam ko seryoso itong post pero natatawa ako ; p

Holy crap, somebody did a real review. O_O

I believe that guys *should* have their own wash, and really, it's not very uncommon for them to use their gf's/wife's/mom's secretly. I know a LOT of guys like that. At least now they have their own stuff.

But...I couldn't help laughing while reading this review. =))

I am a woman and I use freshman instead of a regular fem wash since I feel fresher with this. It has more cooling effect than our usual fem wash. I brought the freeze one. And the best thing about it is, it's paraben-free and it has tea tree. Most fem wash i've seen in the market has parabens and more chemicals...Lol

Holy crap, somebody did a real review. O_O

mas confident magpa bj pag naka freshman kasi alam mong amoy menthol at hindi amoy pusit!

Yung sinabi mong for men only sa twitter mo, nagdagsaan siguro mga girls dito, hehehe

walang bang pic for proof? nyehehe

wala bang pic for proof? nyehehe

Nyek! May maamoy ba pag pic?!

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