Sunday, August 8, 2010

Practicing Work-Life Balance at HP

It was a Friday worth looking forward to this week. Since we value work-life balance here in HP, our team organized a work-play morning in our office's Game Room. The planned weekly recreational activity aims to have a discussion on team project updates while using Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, Magic Sing karaoke. Fun, isn't it?

Some were playing the racing game...

A number of folks were punching using the Wii...

And some others were taking turns taking a nap while enjoying a massage...

Cap it off with some group shots...

The "meeting" was immediately followed by a lunch treat, where the food was ordered from CCME Homemade Foodstuff (located at 111 Dr. Lazcano St., Q.C. near cor. T. Morato, JBJ's Burger Joint, Maybank & Bank of Commerce)

Rice, Lasagna, Lechon Kawali, Chicken Pastel

Whatta fun fun fun Friday! We enjoyed it a lot!


Ibalik ang APJAMS. :( Hahaha

All the fun that you're having sort of reminds me of what it's like in Google office :D

how about time for spouses to be with each other? does HP provide for that too? he he he

@The Photoblogger: Far from Google's, IMO. Hehe.

@Legallychew: You can always have time before or after work. :) Or during break time.

this can't be HP. GCP? I am from GCM

Hi Salty Bodice Ripper. Yep, GCP. :)

:( sad me and micah missing in action.

CCME Homemade Foodstuff! that's the same food we have at camp :))

Favorite ko yung chicken pastel! yummy!

Hi Salty Bodice Ripper. Yep, GCP. :)

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