Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hail the KFC Chili Lime Variant

We all know KFC to be the "finger lickin' good" food chain that gives us a unique taste of, well, chicken. Currently, they only have two flavors namely Original and Hot & Crispy, with which some of us are already having a hard time to decide which one to get.

KFC Marketing ManagerFrom the media launch that happened yesterday at Blue Leaf Pavilion, I was lucky to be invited as one of the first group of people to taste their newest chicken variant.

Without further ado, let's hail the newest chicken variant of KFC called Chili Lime Chicken...

The newest variant has crunchy breading with a mild spicy and citrus-y taste that is already very flavorful even without the gravy. It gives you two contrasting flavors rolled into one chicken, which adds excitement to what you eat. Some said it tasted like popcorn or chips, which makes it really interesting to try out. You have to try it out for yourself.

A one of a kind taste in chicken, KFC has surely made a good move to launch this variant in the Philippines, apart from it already been made available in Hong Kong.

The launch was hosted by RX 93.1's Chico and Delamar who never failed to entertain people through their wit, great presence and voice.

KFC Chili Lime Chicken will be available in stores starting October 13, 2010 (Wednesday) and will be there for a limited time only. It will be offered in 1-piece, 2-piece, bucket and barrel of 21.

Now you have an additional option, whether you go extreme original, extreme hot & crispy, or go in-between with the Chili Lime. Let us know how it is for you by leaving your comments below.


can't wait for this glenn, thanks!

Yay, an update! And a very sinful one, too. :( I'm avoiding fast food eh...but I love lime. :(

i want KFC to have roasted chicken like in the US!

Yay, an update! And a very sinful one, too. :( I'm avoiding fast food eh...but I love lime. :(

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