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Peace and Serenity at Misibis Bay

Words cannot express how beautiful, serene, and peaceful Misibis Bay was -- the place, people, staff, and views all summed up to a great weekend getaway that I've been waiting for several months ago.

It was Saturday, 12th of June when this exciting journey started. Our early morning flight was quite stressful. We were supposed to leave our car in the overnight parking space of the airport; however, since it was already full, we had to turn back and go to Park 'n Fly instead. When the free shuttle was finally able to bring us to NAIA Terminal 3, we were rushing to go inside for the luggage check-in. Lo and behold, we made it on time for our 7:05 flight.

Arriving 15 minutes earlier than the supposed landing time via Cebu Pacific, we're now at Legazpi City. It took us another hour to travel from the airport to Cagraray Island, where Misibis Bay is located. Passing by steep roads and crossing the river via a barge, it created a whole new different experience.

Here's a sneak peak of how the amenities and rooms at Misibis Bay look like:

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Day 1
By the time we arrived at the resort, we were welcomed by great set of staff, dancers, and were given complimentary drinks. The Resort Manager Ian Varona also greeted us and gave an overview of what to expect and do while we're there. Since they allow check-in at exactly 2PM, we hurriedly met our activity coordinator to plan the things that we will do -- you need to do this at once, so you can get the activities you want at your preferred time. After planning, we're off to our first activity, which is ziplining. As of our visit, the zipline is still free of charge; however, we were told that when the new (and higher/longer) line gets finished and promotion period is over, it will have charge already since it's not really owned by Misibis Bay. We decided to skip wall climbing since the sun was scorching hot that morning.

Going back to the resort, we killed the time off by touring the area and settling by playing Wii. As soon as the clock ticked 12, we hurriedly went to the dining hall to fill our tummies with authentic Bikolano dishes. We had the chance to talk to the food head and jokingly said that we wanted to meet the chefs. In the middle of our meal, we were so surprised that the pastry consultant Miguel Sevilla went to our table and had a chat with us. We of course had our picture taken with him after having him agree to serve cheesecake the following day *laughs*.

At 2PM, we were finally able to go to our rooms and settle in comfortably. Being amazed with how our rooms looked so clean and homey, we explored every little part of it and kept on taking pictures. Then, *ta-dah* the door bell rings and here arrives the friendly staff who gave each of us a "welcome foot wash with massage." It was soothing and relaxing, albeit free (because their actual massage costs Php2,000 and above).

What's even amazing are the freebies we saw inside the room -- some sweetened pili nuts and a few dessert, L'Occitane shampoo/conditioner/body wash/lotion, a small tube of VMV sunblock, abaca slippers that didn't fit my huge feet, and authentic Bikolano body bags.

After getting some sleep, we decided to utilize the gym while waiting for our scheduled sunset cruise. A few minutes later, we then headed to the beach front and rode our ferry to witness our first sunset at Misibis Bay. I was really in awe of how the Creator has created such a great scenery of nature.

By night time, our dinner venue was transferred from the dining hall to the beach front. It was a perfect venue for grilling pork and fish, while being able to breathe fresh air. Following dinner was a jamming session inside the karaoke room. While my sister and friend went up to vocalize and get their diaphragms ready, I stayed downstairs and met the Chef Head Danilo Gonzales. While enjoying karaoke, we were so surprised that Chef Dan asked someone to bring red wine for us. How sweet and nice, isn't it? We drank a little and brought the rest in our room. While one of us was taking a bath, my friend and I capped off the night by dipping in the pool, which was just beside our villa.

Day 2
Waking up very energetic and contented for achieving that much-needed, long sleep, we hurriedly went to get breakfast before the buffet closes at 10AM. Swimming went next in our agenda, so we just swam and got lots of underwater pictures using my Lumix DMC-TS1. While at it, we enjoyed staying at the bar nearby that serves ice-cold pandan water and cookies. By the time we got off swimming, it was again lunch time.

Our afternoon got exciting and a little bit of nervous as we had Intro to Diving. Not knowing how to swim at all, a lot of things were running in my mind. Life is about experiences, so I was game to try it out. There were 2 guides who gave us briefing before the actual dive. My companions went ahead as I waited for them under the tremendous heat of the sun. My sister was able to went 18 feet deep, while our friend got into 12 feet. On my turn to do the diving, I had a hard time to breathe and go underwater due to the rhinitis that I have everyday. After several minutes of trying, I decided to give up and just comfort myself by saying "At least I tried."

A few hours passed by so quickly, it was time for our Hobie Cat adventure. It was actually a relaxing ride using a boat that moves using only the natural wind. There were no motors, just wind and some ropes. Although I was feeling nervous because of the strong winds and waves, our guide kept on assuring us we were safe. Trust is the keyword. The relaxing ride went so fast and we found ourselves back to the beach front. My companions went kayaking, while I stayed watching them. As they came back, we went up that huge blow-up trampoline and just jumped the afternoon away. As supper soon came, dinner that second night was on a different venue -- this time, near the swimming pools. Since the karaoke room was reserved by other guests, we just killed time at the business center where two computers were equipped with fast internet connection. We also played Foosball and again went pool dipping before calling it a night.

Day 3
The clocks went gaga at 4AM as we alarmed and prepare for our ATV ride to the hill top to witness the first sunrise in the Philippines. The guide said that the sun always rises in that part of the country first. It was a bumpy ride going to the top, but the view of Mayon Volcano and the sunrise was breathtaking. It was worth the early wake up and the semi-long drive/ride to the top.

As we went back to the resort, we took a few more pictures before heading towards the dining hall for our final breakfast. After which, we finally had to prepare and pack our things and leave Villa 41. It was with deep sadness to see this journey come to an end. We packed our luggage bags with the thought in mind that the next day is another work day. Good things come to an end. But before our departure from Misibis Bay to Legazpi Airport, we once again sang our hearts away inside the karaoke room.

All in all, I must say that Misibis Bay is a great place to calm down and relax, enjoy the scene and activities, get to talk to people, and perhaps celebrate an important occasion in your life. We didn't pay a single cent for the flight and resort, because it was my sister's incentive, but perhaps if I have an extra Php18,000++ (price per person inclusive of the room, food, and activities), I'd love to go back again.

Misibis Bay is a venue for friends, families and couples, although only the latter two were most of the people there during our stay. I suggest it as a great place to getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, and perhaps a great venue for romantic dates and unexpected proposals. In the next few months, a casino and a church will be fully furnished for visitors to enjoy as well.

Since we didn't have much expenses, we only spent for the terminal fees (Php200 going to Legazpi, and Php30 going to Manila) and the Park 'n Fly fees (Php889 for 48++ hours).

Misibis Bay is located on Cagraray Island in Bacacay, Albay Province, Bicol. From Legazpi City it's a 30-minute trip by luxury fast water craft or an hour's drive along the scenic coastline.

For more information, visit their website at

Misibis Bay
Cagraray Island, Bacacay, Albay Province
Bicol Region, Philippines
Phone: (63 2) 661.8888
Fax:(63 2) 470.3607
[email protected]

Manila Sales & Reservations
906 A, Tektite West Tower,
Philippine Stock Exchange, Exchange Road,
Ortigas, Pasig City, Philippines


Srsly?? What do you mean "sister's incentive"? OMG i am so jealous :(

What do you mean "sister's incentive"? OMG :( I am so jealous. Huhu

What do you mean "sister's incentive"? OMG :( I am so jealous. Huhu

Wow. Kumpleto, may foot spa pa!

Nice talaga dun! :)

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