Monday, May 24, 2010

KFC Pasta Bowl You Gotta Love

If you are a chicken lover, you'd surely die for KFC's unique-tasting chicken. But what if you are kinda bored of eating chicken with rice every time? KFC has the solution for you.
What you see above is their new variant called the KFC Creamy Tomato Pasta Bowl, adding to their first two flavors named Italian Alfredo and Kung Pao Chicken. It's an afternoon snack packed with boneless original recipe chicken served over al dente noodles and topped with creamy tomato sauce.

Thanks to KFC and Nuffnang for giving away hundreds of gift certificates, for which yours truly was one of the lucky recipients.

Having received my three GCs last April, I quickly visited a KFC branch across our office and satisfied my grumbling tummy with this great-tasting pasta dish. It's satiable to eat, pleasant to smell, and easy to consume.

Just like me, everytime you get hungry, grab one of KFC's Pasta Bowl and your tummy will be filled in an instant -- just like the pictures below. Enjoy!

KFC Creamy Tomato Pasta Bowl


I don't like pasta with cream.. so I prefer their Kung Pao pasta! :)

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