Monday, May 24, 2010

Of Photos and Technology

Yours truly had the chance to visit Art Samaniego, Editor of the Manila Bulletin (MB) Technews section last week to have a glimpse of the latest (and oldest) gadgets there is in the publication's technology department.

I was awed at the gadgets I saw, ranging from a television that has swivel feature, old phones to wireless speakers, heaviest player and of course Apple's iPad. Look, GLICH'S LIFE is on Apple's renowned iPad!

The gadgets that can be found in the office were either from the an MB boss (or his ancestors) or were purchased locally and internationally for the sole purpose of writing reviews. These gadgets are solely owned by Manila Bulletin and were not sponsored by the brands seen, so as to prevent bias when reviews are written.

More photos below. You can guess what these are:


man.. i wish i could also have those android phones.. HAHA!

coooool!!! btw your site is pretty neat!! seriously, and i hope i could monetize my site soon. adsense is a pain. haha!

*random bloghop. exchange links? just give me a heads up back in my blog. thanks! :)

- and what do you call that nifty plugin to create the menu below your site? :)


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