Monday, May 17, 2010

Ultimate Taste Test 4: A Great Foodie Event

Organized by the one and only Anton Diaz of, the 4th installment of the Ultimate Taste Test (UTT) happened last May 14 at the NBC Tent, Fort Bonifacio with over 1,000 foodies.

What is UTT? It's a gathering of different concessionaires who are giving free taste of their products that will be soon launched, or products that are already available in the market. In exchange of the free taste, foodies will give them a rating in the scale of 1-5 (5 being the highest). Those getting a good rating average will be featured in OAP for a chance to even boost their popularity and sales.

Foodies have to pay Php230, where Php200 goes to MASED Foundation, while Php30 for a bottle of San Miguel alcoholic drinks -- mind you, the price is really worth it!

Highlights: The main point of UTT is food tasting, and concessionaires included in the event mostly had great-tasting food (of course one will always be better than the other; thus the rating system). With the price of Php230, you'd think that you will leave the place hungry. However, I was surprised that I went home with a satisfied tummy, because the event had various types of food that can be considered a full-course meal if combined. Yummy Magazines and flat magnets were also given upon exit.

I believe there's no such thing as a perfect event, where no lessons can be learned. For UTT 4.0, one of the critical aspects that needs improvement is the registration. The surname letters were not seen, as they were placed on top of the table and people at the back can't see it. There were no barricades to separate each line, thus the crowded registration proper. Also, had there been sort of a non-alternative band playing in the background instead of comedians, I think it will better even out the noise inside the venue.

In conclusion, it's obvious that I really enjoyed UTT 4.0 I regret not being able to attend the first three events, but Ultimate Taste Test will have it's version 5.0 this coming August and version 6.0 in November, so watch out for it and don't be left out!


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